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Easter Travel Summary 2013

These pages give an overview of the services that each Train Operating Company will be providing over the Easter Holiday period (between Friday 29 March 2013 and Monday 1 April 2013).

Train Operating Companies Travel Details

For a detailed summary of the train services being provided by each Train Operating Company over the holiday and the details of engineering work affecting their services, please choose the company you will be travelling with from the list below:

Full Summary

A text version of the Easter travel summary, showing the engineering work and additional services for every Train Operating Company is available from the links below:


During holiday periods, Train Operating Companies generally amend the train plan that they run and there are a number of reasons for this:

  • Engineering work – Network Rail may be carrying out essential engineering work that requires the timetable to be amended and in some cases buses may replace trains over part of the affected route. 
  • Reduction in the number of commuter passengers – With many businesses closed for the holiday, passenger numbers for the Train Operating Companies that operate on commuter routes may be reduced. This may mean that the Train Operator will reduce the number of trains they run and in some cases it may be that a Saturday or Sunday level of service is offered instead of the normal weekday service.
  • Increase in the number of leisure travellers – With many people taking the opportunity to get away for the holiday period, passenger numbers for those Train Operating Companies operating on routes to and from holiday destinations may increase. As a result those Train Operating Companies may run an amended service. This may mean there are additional trains at certain times during the day and/or fewer trains at other times of the day to cater for the additional passenger numbers.
Travel Tips
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  • If you are travelling long distances then we strongly recommend that you reserve a seat where possible to ensure a comfortable journey.
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Easter engineering work information

A map showing all the engineering work taking place around the country over the Easter Period is available here.

Travelling in London

Details of London Underground, buses, trams and river services operated by Transport for London over the Easter Period will be available from the Transport for London website.

Travelling to UK Airports

Details for travelling to and from the major UK airports over the Easter period is available here.