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Edinburgh Waverley Station Plan

Ground Floor

This is a map of Edinburgh Waverley Station, containing clickable icons that you can navigate by using your mouse or the tab key allowing you to access information about the objects in this station.

Stairs from Market Street EntranceMarket Street EntranceBridgeEuropcarSeatsPhotosShelterShelterShelterLandingStairs for platforms 8w and 9wLift for platforms 8 and 9BridgeBridgeThe lift provides step free access from Market Street and New Street Car ParkSeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsTicket MachinePrinces Street EntrancePrinces street lift EntranceAccess to Princes Mall on both landingsStairs for Princes Street 3Escalator for Princes Street 3Escalator for Princes Street 2Stairs for Princes Street 2ShopsEscalator for Princes street 1Luggage TrolleyLifts for Princes StreetBridgeLift for platform 11Luggage TrolleyLuggage TrolleyLuggage TrolleyTicket MachineTicket MachineTicket MachineNero ExpressEscalator for platform 11HelppointAccessible Drop OffLift from Calton Road entranceCalton Road Lift EntranceHelppointLift from Calton Road bridgeLuggage TrolleyBikeSeatsWorksite for EGIPRail InfoStair EntranceLift for platforms 1 and 20Stairs from bridge to main concourseEscalator from bridgeEscalator to bridgeLift for main concourseBridgeTaxiLuggage TrolleySeatsArea between platforms 7 and 11Luggage TrolleySeatsBikeSeatsBikeSeatsSeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsLuggage TrolleyLuggage TrolleySeatsSeatsSeatsBridgeArea between platforms 2 and 19Luggage TrolleySeatsCarlton Road EntranceWaverley Bridge Entrance ASeatsSeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsSeatsSeatsTelephonesTelephonesSeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsBuildingFirst Scot Rail First Class LoungeTicket OfficeSeatsSeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsDoorsStairs for first class loungeLift for first class loungeFirst class loungeUnisex Accessible ToiletReception and first class loungeSeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsLuggage TrolleySeatsDoorsTicket MachineTicket MachineATM Cash MachineLuggage TrolleySeatsSeatsSeatsLuggage TrolleyLuggage TrolleySeatsSeatsCarlton RoadCalton RoadStairs from Calton Road EntranceBridgeBridgeStairs into station from Carlton Road EntranceStaff AreaWalkway for platform 3Platform 3Operations DepotStation buildingsLuggage TrolleySeatsStation ReceptionLeft luggage and Lost PropertyATM Cash MachineCaffe NeroThe Pasty shopPlatform 2Stairs to Princes street entranceBridgeUnisex Accessible ToiletFemale ToiletMale ToiletATM Cash MachineBurger kingM&S Simply FoodSeatsThe Nor' lochWhistlestopTicket MachineTicket OfficeStairs for platform 20BridgeStairs for platform 1British Transport PoliceCurrency ExchangeDoorsSeatsSeatsWHSmithBootsCosta CoffeeWaverley Bridge Entrance BAuthorised vehicle access, shared use cycle route & pedestrian footpathTicket GatesBagel FactoryDoorsTicket HallMillie's CookiesCrossingStairs for main concourseAuthorised vehicle access and pedestrian footpathStairs for platform 10Lift for platform 10Platform 7Stairs for platforms 8 and 9Ramp EntranceBridgeLift from car parkBridgeStairs from New Street Car ParkWaverley BridgePrinces streetMarket streetRampNew Street Car ParkPlatform 8wPlatform 8ePlatform 9ePlatform 9wPlatform 10Platform 13Platform 14Platform 12Platform 11Platforms 15,16Platform 17Area behind platformsPlatform 20Platform 19Platform 18Area between platforms 1 and 20Platform 4Main ConcoursePlatform 1Area behind platform 19Drop off areaLandingPaved areaMap of Edinburgh Waverley Station


Accessible WCAccessible WC
ATM/Cash MachineATM/Cash Machine
Coffee ShopCoffee Shop
Cycle Rack/StorageCycle Rack/Storage
Drop Off PointDrop Off Point
Female ToiletsFemale Toilets
Help pointHelp point
Lost PropertyLost Property
Luggage TrolleysLuggage Trolleys
Male ToiletsMale Toilets
Photo BoothPhoto Booth
Single/Double DoorsSingle/Double Doors
Taxi RankTaxi Rank
Ticket MachineTicket Machine
Waiting RoomWaiting Room