Industry Improvement Plan

Passenger Information During Disruption (PIDD)

Every working day, more than 20,000 passenger services run on Britain’s rail network.  The vast majority of these complete their journey punctually (officially defined as within 5 or 10 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, depending on the type of service), but a small proportion do not.

When services are disrupted, train operators and Network Rail implement a range of measures to help passengers, but we are committed to do better. That is why we agreed an industry plan in January 2015 to improve passenger information during disruption, following input from Passenger Focus and the Office of Rail Regulation (now known as Transport Focus and the Office for Rail and Road, or ORR, respectively).  The aim of the plan is to offer:

  • Clearer and more useful information to customers when planning their journeys.
    Compared with today, this will include more prominent warnings of disruption on websites, mobile devices and apps; better explanations of what is actually happening and how long the event is likely to last; and more helpful updates about what is being done to fix the problem;
  • More consistent and accurate information on train running across all channels and media.
    We will complete the complex task we have already started to ensure that whichever way customers receive information – whether on websites, via apps, at stations or on trains – it is powered by the industry’s real-time Darwin system to make best use of the many sources of operational data;
  • Information which is more personalised to the needs of the customer.
    This will enable customers to sign up for better information about delays affecting their specific journey, both before they travel and afterwards. If affected, they will have better information about when they can use their tickets, on what trains, what routes and when they are entitled to a refund;
  • Better information to customers on board trains, in normal running and when there is disruption.
    Increasingly, on-board screens will tell customers where the train is in its journey, and whether it is on time, with connections and platform information at station interchanges. Staff (whether on-board or remotely from operational control rooms) will make announcements earlier when disruption occurs, and keep them regularly informed;
  • More effective assistance from better equipped and better trained staff.
    We will do this through a continuous review of staff devices and better communication from control rooms to front-line staff to ensure they have access the correct information for their job role, together with promoting good practice in the growing use of social media.

Target completion dates have been agreed for each of the actions in the plan.  Progress against the plan is being managed through a PIDD Programme Progress Board, which includes representatives from train operators, Network Rail, Transport Focus and the ORR, which in turn reports to the industry National Task Force.

While the plan includes collective action by the industry, many of the actions are for individual organisations to take forward, and for each organisation some of the actions are more relevant than others. 

To find out more about what is happening, we recommend that you visit the website of the train company most relevant to you at the 'Train operating Companies' link at the bottom of this page..

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Last updated:   02 June 2020