Think Safe, Stay Safe

When travelling by train stay safe and ensure the best travel experience for yourself and others.

Working together, the rail industry is committed to enable an improved and safer railway. While train stations are safe places, we would like to continue to urge our customers to be alert at all times, it’s especially important to be aware of passing trains when on a station platform.

Passenger and freight trains passing through stations can generate strong air currents as they travel by. The CCTV footage below shows an incident that happened on a station platform with a pushchair that didn’t have brakes fully on, fortunately no one was hurt.



We encourage everyone to Think Safe and Stay Safe, so here are three tips to help make your journey safer.


1. Keep well back from the platform edge. Hold tight onto wheelchairs and apply brakes fully.



2. Keep well back from the platform edge, strap the child in, hold tight and apply brakes fully.



3. Hold tight onto portable items such as luggage and other belongings, and as always stay well back behind the platform edge.

Last updated:   07 March 2019