Travelling on Northern, Thameslink or Great Northern? Check before you travel.

What is happening?
The new train timetables introduced on 20 May were intended to provide more trains, more seats and new journey opportunities. Due to the large number of changes involved, and the late completion of some engineering works, the timetable was not finalised until much later than it should have been. This meant train companies had much less time than usual to prepare, in particular to carry out specialist training for drivers to learn all the new routes and/or drive different types of trains required by the new schedules.

Although the majority of trains ran as planned, there was significant disruption for some passengers.

As a result, changes to the planned timetable have been introduced by Northern, removing 165 trains on a temporary basis. Similar changes have been made on Great Northern, Thameslink. These interim timetables are intended to deliver a reliable, stable service while train companies complete the driver training needed to operate the full timetable.

What we are doing
Great Northern, Thameslink, Northern and Network Rail are working hard to get back on track as quickly as possible.

‘Northern have reintroduced 75% of its planned services as of Monday 30 July, with the remaining 25% services to be reintroduced during September. Further information can be located here.

Great Northern and Thameslink have introduced an interim timetable which will provide a reliable and stable service while they progressively deliver improvement as the year continues. The interim timetable is reflected in the journey planner.

What we would advise
Check before you travel:

Please check our Journey Planner before you travel to help plan your journey.

To find out more details about disruptions and alternative routes available, please check our National Service Indicator by selecting the appropriate Train Operating Company for updates on how their services are running.

For updates on the affected Train Operating Companies, please click below:

More information from Network Rail, Great Northern, Thameslink, and Northern can be found here.

Check if you can claim compensation:
Customers affected are encouraged to apply for Delay Repay compensation. Find out more information here.


Last updated:   01 September 2018