Page updated Tuesday 08 September 2020: 14:42

For tickets purchased until Sunday 06 September (13 September for tickets sold by ScotRail for journeys on ScotRail services) 2020 the industry has introduced some relaxations to normal policies, which are:


Off-Peak or Anytime tickets

Customers can get a full refund and all train companies and independent retailers have waived the £10 admin fee.

Advance tickets

These tickets remain non-refundable (unless disruption to your booked journey means you do not travel), but you can change your journey.

The non-refundable policy applies even in lockdown or quarantine scenarios.

Refund Applications

We have doubled the time customers can apply for ticket refunds – up from four weeks to eight weeks from the last day that the ticket is valid. 

To help customers socially distance, retailers have put systems in place so you can claim refunds remotely, minimising contact between passengers and staff, keeping everyone safer.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets can be refunded at any time and retailers calculate how much is refunded by how much value is left on your ticket. They do this by deducting the value of any other tickets you could have travelled with in the same time until you stopped using your Season Ticket.

If you were unable to travel due to illness immediately before the government’s guidance was given in March, you can apply for this to be backdated further with evidence of the period you were ill (National Rail Conditions of Travel, 40.4).

To see how much you could get back from your Season Ticket, try the Season Ticket Refund Calculator. 

For more information, including if you require a refund due to sickness that prevented you from using a Season Ticket, see the Season Ticket Conditions page.

Carnet Tickets

If you have Carnet tickets, retailers have increased flexibility where possible including extensions or part-refunds on any unused Carnet tickets.

Please contact your retailer for further details.

  • If the train you intended to use has been cancelled in the reduced timetable you can get a full, fee-free refund. Train companies are also accepting tickets for each other’s services for necessary journeys. This means if you still need to make a journey but your train has been delayed or cancelled, you can now use any train company's service to reach your destination, via any reasonable route.


To claim a refund and for more information, please contact your ticket retailer or visit their website. A list of Operators can be found at


Train companies and retailers have committed to work with government to ensure that anyone who has followed the government’s advice and is seeking a refund is not penalised. 


Last updated:   08 September 2020