Outlook Add-in FAQ

Problems installing the add-in?

My computer won’t let me install it.

The Add-in requires you to have admin rights on your computer. If you don’t have admin rights please ask your Administrator to install the Add-in for you.

The install is taking a long time

The Add-in needs Microsoft .net Framework 3.5, which isn't installed on all computers. If you don’t already have this installed, it will be installed for you - but this can take some time.

Using the add-in

What is the “home” and “work” station?

When you first start the application, you may set up your 'home' and 'work' stations. These will be selected for you next time to cut down on the typing you have to do.

What does “Time from station to appointment” mean?

This is a setting than enables you to allocate some time (30 minutes by default) to get from the station to your appointment location. The journey planner will then automatically select the best trains for you to catch.

Other problems

We’re not currently aware of any bugs. However, if you do have any problems or have some suggestions for improvement, please let us know via the online feedback.