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What is Twitter?

Twitter is a website designed to allow people to communicate and stay connected by exchanging quick, frequent, 280 character messages. When you log into Twitter, you simply choose whose messages you want to receive and how you want to receive them.

National Rail Enquiries uses Twitter to send real time updates to the accounts that you follow when there is service disruption. Where there is additional information available that we can’t fit into 280 characters, we will include a link to the relevant page of our website. These updates can be read through your mobile device or on a computer without having to search for it. Keep reading to find out more about how to use Twitter.

Who can I follow?

National Rail Enquiries runs a dedicated Twitter account to get you the information you need.

For up to the minute information about disruption across the National Rail network, follow @nationalrailenq. You can also subscribe to journey specific alerts to be received from our account.

For help using our website or finding information, send a Tweet to @nationalrailenq

We'll let you know first when there's something new for you to be aware of.

How do I follow you?

To follow people on Twitter, you have to first register a Twitter username and account. You can then follow us by clicking on "follow" under our profile picture.

What is Facebook?

National Rail Enquiries has a Facebook page, where you can learn more about us, and get updates on improvements to our service.

If you know someone who uses our service, you can invite them to become a follower Nation rail Enquiries too.