TextMe Journey Planner

What is TextMe Journey Planner?

TextMe Journey Planner is a new service which sends journey details obtained from an Online Journey Planner query straight to your mobile phone.

Why should I use TextMe Journey Planner?

TextMe Journey Planner sends you a complete itinerary for either the outward or return portion of your journey (or both), so you have these details close to hand wherever you go, without having to write them down or print them out.

How does the service work?

When you have searched for your journey, you will see a 'TextMe' link above each individual journey. Click on this link, and you will be asked for your mobile number. A verification code will now be sent to your mobile, normally within a minute. Finally type this code into the space provided on the web page. Your journey details will then be sent to your phone. What is the cost per text message? Each text message costs 25 pence including VAT. Each text includes only one leg of the journey, so for details of both the outward and return portions of your trip you have to request two separate TextMe Journey Planner links at 35p, 50p in all.

Why must I enter a verification code?

You need to enter a verification code so that we can be sure that the phone number you entered on the website is really yours. This protects you from unsolicited messages and charges on your phone bill. You need do this only once, because we store a cookie on your computer. This lets us remember your verified mobile number and recognise you when you return.

Do I have to pay for verification or error messages sent to me?

No. You pay only for text messages containing journey information.  

How do I get the service to 'forget' me?

Perform, on the same computer as before, a journey search using the online journey planner, select 'text me' and select the 'Why do I have to do this?' link. The answer there will provide a link to allow the service to forget your details.

Will you use my mobile phone number for any purposes other than to send me my journey information?

No. Your mobile phone number will be used solely to provide the TextMe Journey Planner service.

Can I get information about journeys where I need to change trains?

Yes, though in a few cases the maximum of 160 characters in a text message will limit the number of changes fitting in a single message.

Will this service alert me to alterations to my planned journey?

No. This service is only for timetable information. For real-time arrival or departure information for your station, use our Train Trackerâ„¢ SMS or Automated Voice service, your WAP-enabled mobile phone, or our online Live Departure Boards.

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Last updated:   01 June 2020