PlusBus adds bus travel around Loughborough to your train ticket 
Type of offer
Ordinary Promotion 
Nearest stations

PlusBus is a discount price bus ticket for unlimited travel around the origin and/or destination of your rail journey on participating operators’ services. When you buy PlusBus with your train ticket you pay for your whole journey by public transport in one transaction.

Participating train companies
East Midlands RailwayNational Rail;  

Last updated: 18 October 2018


Area of validity
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Further Information

For full details, including maps and PlusBus fares, visit:

Adult minimum

PlusBus tickets can be used for unlimited bus travel on participating bus operators’ services within a designated zone.

For details of where the PlusBus ticket can be used for Loughborough please refer to the map provided.

Period of availability
17/05/2009 - Until further notice

Last updated: 22 October 2018


Available to purchase
17/05/2009 - Until further notice
Buying your tickets

Ask for Loughborough PLUSBUS when buying your train tickets.

PLUSBUS day tickets can also be purchased online from some retailers.

If you are buying a period return rail ticket, you will need to specify the date of your return journey.

Booking conditions

Unlimited travel on the following participating bus operator(s): Kinch Bus, TrentBarton, Centrebus.

Excluded services of participating operator(s): none

Last updated: 13 May 2015

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Last updated:   04 January 2019