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Trio tickets are season tickets for regular travel on trains, buses and ferries throughout Merseyside.

The area is split into a number of zones, so a Trio ticket is sold for the specific zones through which the regular journey is taken. With the exception of the annual off-peak ticket, Trio tickets are valid for travel at any time of the day and on any day of the week for an unlimited number of journeys within the zones and expiry date on the ticket.

Participating train companies
East Midlands RailwayLondon Northwestern RailwayWest Midlands RailwayMerseyrailNorthernNational Rail;  

Last updated: 09 January 2018


1 Zone:
  • Weekly £18.60
  • Monthly £66.00
  • Term-time £130.00
  • Annual £660.00

2 Zones or 1 Area:

  • Weekly £23.30
  • Monthly £82.70
  • Term-time £165.00
  • Annual £827.00

3 Zones or 1 Area + 1 Zone:

  • Weekly £29.80
  • Monthly £102.90
  • Term-time £206.00
  • Annual £1029.00

All Zones:

  • Weekly £38.70
  • Monthly £134.10
  • Term-time £268.00
  • Annual £1341.00
  • Annual off-peak - Discontinued as of 1st November 2017

Young persons 5-15 years, or 16 to 17 in full time education, training or work bases learning (young persons aged 16 to 17 can only use for journeys to or from school or for other educational purposes)

1 Zone:

  • Weekly £9.30
  • Term-time £84.50

2 Zones or 1 Area:

  • Weekly £11.65
  • Term-time £107.25

3 Zones or 1 Area + 1 Zone:

  • Weekly £14.90
  • Term-time £133.90

All Zones:

  • Weekly £19.35
  • Term-time £174.20
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Last updated: 18 January 2018


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How long are tickets valid for?

You can buy a Trio ticket for a week, a month, a year or a term. There is also an annual off-peak, all zones ticket. You can buy young person's tickets for a week or a term.

  • You can use weekly, monthly and annual tickets at any time on any day.
  • You can use an annual off-peak, all zones ticket from Monday to Friday at any time (except for journeys starting between 06:31 and 09:29 and between 16:01 and 17:59) and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
  • You can use term-time tickets on Monday to Friday until 20:00 during term-time only. You must be in full-time education, training or work-based learning.

Which zone or area do I need?

Please take a look at the map, as Merseyside is split into four areas:

  • Liverpool (Green)
  • Sefton (Red)
  • St Helens (Brown)
  • Wirral (Blue)

Check which zone your journey starts in and which zone it ends in.

Make a note of the zones you travel through.

You can use your Trio ticket on any buses, trains or Mersey Ferries in your chosen area.

Period of availability
07/10/2009 - Until further notice

Last updated: 10 March 2013


Available to purchase
07/10/2009 - Until further notice
Buying your tickets
  • From any Merseytravel Centres
  • From any staffed Merseyrail station (Annual and term-time tickets are only available from selected stations)
  • From any main Post Office
  • From the Ticket Unit at 24 Hatton Garden, Liverpool, L3 2AN (Term-time tickets can be applied for by post)

Last updated: 10 March 2013

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