bPay Payments


What is bPay?

bPay is a payment method from Barclaycard. Using contactless technology, payments can now be made on devices on most National Rail services (including London Overground and TfL Rail) in the Oyster Pay As You Go area where contactless payments are already accepted as well as Bus, Tube, Tram and Docklands Light Railway. Part of Barclaycard, it is a pre-paid account, and can be managed via an app, available from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store.

Loading money into a bPay account can be done through either individual payments or auto top up from a UK bank account or credit card. Individual top up involves adding money to a bPay account every time the balance is low. Auto-top-up involves setting the bPay account to take a set amount of money from a designated bank account when it falls below a certain value, such as £10. bPay devices will not work if there is no credit in the bPay account.

To prevent fraud, if the bPay device is lost, the bPay account can be blocked by visiting the bPay app on the customer’s phone or via the bPay website.

How does bPay work?

Transactions are made by touching a contactless card or bPay device onto a contactless payment terminal or validator. There is a £30 transaction limit for each purchase.

Several different devices can be linked to one account, but the same device should always be used for each time when touching in and out otherwise the maximum fare will be charged.

For more information or to purchase a bPay device please visit www.bpay.co.uk

bPay and Season Tickets

Customers can not apply Season Tickets, Child Rate tickets or Railcard discounts to their bPay device. However customers can still use their bPay devices to purchase a discounted travel ticket from a National Rail ticket office provided contactless payments are accepted, and the transaction is not more than £30.00.

Can children travel with bPay devices?

Yes, customers have to be 12 years old and have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card registered to a UK address linked to their bPay account. Please note, the adult standard fare will be charged. For child fares, please use an alternative payment method for your journey.

Can customers under 18, get discounted travel across London PAYG area with a bPay device?

No, bPay customers using their device for their journey will be charged the standard adult fare. 

What does bPay look like?

bPay products are a key fob, contactless sticker or a wristband.


Last updated:   14 June 2016