Sleeper trains

Information about long-distance trains running at night which offer sleeping accommodation.


Sleepers enable you to make long distance journeys while having a relaxing night's sleep. You arrive early at your destination, saving a day's travel - or the early morning dash to the airport.

Sleeper services operate nightly Sunday to Friday and link:

  • London Euston with most principal business and holiday locations in Scotland
  • London Paddington with South West England and Cornwall

Customers joining at the starting point of the train may occupy cabins well before departure. At terminating stations customers may vacate cabins up to approximately 08:00 on trains which arrive at an earlier time (except London Paddington where customers must vacate by 07:00).

Sleeping Berths

These beds are known as sleeping berths. In the case of compartments with two berths, one is on top of the other in a double-bunk arrangement. These beds (the lower bed in a double-bunk arrangement) can also be folded away when the other is in use.

Room Service

Sleeper berths have full air-conditioning and fingertip temperature control. Each cabin has wall-to-wall carpet, mirror, shaver sockets, drinking water, soft towel - as well as hot water for the washbasin, and a comfortable bed. Train Host service is available at the touch of a button throughout the journey.

Caledonian Sleeper

First Class customers receive a complimentary refreshment voucher for use in the Lounge car also a complimentary hot or continental breakfast can be ordered and delivered to your cabin.

Great Western Railway 'Night Riviera' Sleeper

A dedicated host is on hand throughout the journey - helping passengers to settle in, arrange an early morning call, take the breakfast order and provide room service.

Sleeper Berth 'Supplements'

If you already hold a ticket for your journey, you can pay an additional 'supplementary' fare in order to make use of a Sleeping Berth on board the train.

  • Holders of First Class tickets who purchase a sleeper berth supplement enjoy a single berth cabin to themselves.
  • Holders of Standard class tickets who purchase a sleeper berth supplement travel tickets travel in either a single or twin berth (sharing with someone else of the same sex) cabin on payment of the relevant Standard class supplement.

Caledonian Sleepers

The number of berths available to holders of discounted tickets may be restricted at any time.

There are a number of 'berth inclusive' fares available that include travel and accommodation at one all inclusive price. First Class travel is in single berths while Standard Class is in twin berth cabins.

Sleeper Berths and Supplements are:

  • Single berth cabin - £43.00 per berth (First Class travel ticket required)
  • Twin berth cabin - Adult £38.00 per berth, Child £19.00 per berth (Standard Class only, sharing with someone of the same sex)
  • Caledonian Solo (exclusive use of a twin berth cabin) -  £54.00 one way [Only available to holders of Standard Anytime and Off Peak returns tickets]

Great Western Railway's Night Riviera Sleeper

London to Cornwall

The following supplements are payable on top of your train ticket for a Sleeper berth:

  • Solo berth £60 (each way)

  • Twin berth (for two people sharing) £70 each way per cabin (£35 per person).

Supplements are not valid with Advance tickets.

There are also inclusive tickets which include one-way advance purchase train travel and an overnight berth from £49 per person.

Lounge Cars

The Lounge Car offers a pleasant relaxing atmosphere in which to unwind before a night's rest.

  • Caledonian Sleepers
    Customers can choose from a wide selection of food and drinks including sandwiches, baguettes, snacks and a well stocked bar. At busy times, use of the Lounge Car may be restricted to First Class ticket holders.
  • Great Western Railway Sleepers Night Riviera Sleeper
    A full range of drinks, snacks and meals are available. Hot and continental breakfasts are served in the morning.

Sleeper Train Reservations

To book rail tickets and reserve Sleepers, simply visit any main rail station or rail appointed travel agent. Alternatively you can book by phone using most credit/debit cards.

  • Caledonian Sleeper Telesales: 0330 06 00 500
  • Great Western Railway Telesales: 0345 700 0125

Taking Animals with you...

Dogs and pets are not normally allowed in Sleeper cabins. There are special arrangements for guide dogs.

Caledonian Sleepers

Accompanying dogs are only permitted in Sleeper Cabins providing the owner(s) has exclusive use of the cabin and pays the appropriate charge. There are special arrangements for guide dogs. Dogs and pets cannot be conveyed in the parcels accommodation.

Great Western Railway Sleepers

Animals may be conveyed if properly labelled and muzzled, and in suitable containers, in the parcels accommodation on payment of the appropriate charge.

Routes of Sleeper Trains

Reservations are compulsory on the following Caledonian Sleeper services:

  • The Highland Sleeper
  • The Lowland Sleeper
  • Caledonian Sleeper Service - linking London Euston with North England and Scotland
  • London to Aberdeen/Inverness/Fort William (Sunday to Friday, between 20:00 - 21:15) Departs from London Euston calling at Crewe and Preston for boarding only. At Edinburgh (where no alighting is possible), the service separates into three trains for Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William (known as 'The Deerstalker'), calling at intermediate stations.
  • Fort William/Inverness/Aberdeen to London (Sunday to Friday, between 19:00 - 21:40)Three separate trains depart from Fort William, Inverness and Aberdeen calling at intermediate stations. At Edinburgh (where boarding is not possible) they are formed as one train to continue the journey calling at Preston and Crewe (both stops for alighting only) arriving at London Euston the following morning.
  • London to Edinburgh/Glasgow (Sunday to Friday, between 22:00 - 23:00) Departs from London Euston calling at Watford Junction (for boarding only) Carlisle and Carstairs (both stops for alighting only). At Carstairs the service separates into two trains for Edinburgh and Glasgow Central (also calling at Motherwell).
  • Glasgow/Edinburgh to London (Sunday to Friday, between 21:00 - 23:00)Depart from Glasgow Central (calling at Motherwell) Edinburgh and Carstairs where they are formed as one train to continue the journey calling at Carlisle (for boarding only) arriving at Watford Junction and then London Euston the following morning. Note: Seated Sleeper customers cannot board the northbound service at Watford Junction.
  • Night Riviera Sleeper Service - London Paddington to Penzance (Sunday). Departs London Paddington at 23:50 and arrives at Penzance at 08:59. (Monday to Friday) Departs London Paddington at 23:45 and arrives at Penzance at 08:00. 
  • Night Riviera Sleeper Service - Penzance to London Paddington (Sunday) Departs Penzance at 21:15 arrives at London Paddington at 05:06. (Monday to Friday) Departs Penzance at 21:45 and arrives at London Paddington at 05:43.

Finding Sleeper Train in our Journey Planner

Sleeper Train are shown in our Journey Planner.

Select the appropriate journey and time from the above “Routes Of The Sleeper Services”. These trains display the Sleeper Class within the information section for the journey. Selecting “Fares Availability” also displays a sleeper icon

  • London to Penzance (Sunday to Friday) Departs from London Paddington at 23:45, calling at Reading, Taunton, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Liskeard and then all mainline stations to Penzance.
  • Penzance to London (Sunday to Friday) Departs from Penzance at 22:00 (21:15 Sundays), calling at all mainline stations to Liskeard then Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Exeter, Taunton, Reading, London Paddington.