Information for disabled passengers

This page is a summary of information available on the National Rail Enquiries website to help make your journey go as smoothly as possible. Clicking on underlined words will take you to a page containing more detailed information on each topic.

Travel assistance

If you would like assistance when making a journey, such as help getting on or off a train, or ramps for a wheelchair, please contact the Train Company that manages the station you are starting your journey from. If you journey involves a Network Rail station please contact the Train Company you are starting your journey with. Please try and give a minimum of 24 hours notice before your journey as this will allow time for any special arrangements to be made. If this is not possible the Train Companies will still do their best to help, but cannot guarantee to provide their normal level of service.

Assisted Travel contact details can be found in the "Support and Information" section of the appropriate Train Company page. If you are unsure of which Train Company you need, look at our Stations and Destinations page and enter the name or three letter code of the station you are starting from. These pages also show details of the facilities available at a station.


If you have a disability you may be eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard.

If you do not have a Railcard and you are blind or partially sighted and travelling with a companion, or if you use a wheelchair, you can get a discount on Anytime tickets.

Accessible stations and Stations Made Easy

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) have produced maps of the mainland National Rail network that provides at-a-glance information about the accessibility of many stations.

Sometimes it can be helpful to have an idea of what a station looks like before you get there. Stations Made Easy allows you to plan a route around a station and see photos of it.

To use Stations Made Easy look at our Stations and Destinations page, enter the name, or three letter code, of the station that you are interested in, and then click on the Stations Made Easy logo next to the station address.

Train facilities

It can be helpful to have an idea of what facilities are available on board the train. This information is arranged by Train Company. If you are unsure which Train Company is running your train you can check using our Journey Planner.

Mobility Scooters

Train Companies have different policies about carrying Mobility Scooters on trains.

Further information

The Disabled Persons Railcard website also provides lots of useful hints and tips on rail travel for disabled rail users.

Last updated:   04 July 2017