Compensation for Delays


Each franchised Train Company has a Passenger's Charter which is a guide to the level of service you can expect to receive when using their stations and their train services.

If your journey is delayed you may be entitled to compensation. The compensation offered depends on the operator you travelled with, ticket type and the length of the delay. Each Train Company will publish the details of their compensation arrangements within their Passenger's Charter and we have compiled a list of direct links on this page.

In addition, the nature of compensation offered will depend on the type of compensatory arrangement that the Train Company has in place according to their franchise commitment. This has been changed and improved over the years as Train Company franchises are renewed or replaced.

Most Train Companies now offer 'Delay Repay' where daily ticket holders as well as weekly, monthly and longer Season Tickets can claim for delayed journeys as and when they occur. A few Train Companies still operate the original Passenger's Charter formula where the arrangements will differ for holders of monthly and longer Season Ticket holders.

Please retain your train ticket and make a note of your journey as both will be required to support any claim for compensation.

Money back for delays

Did you know that if your journey is delayed or cancelled, you may be eligible to claim money back?

You can find delay repay information and everything you need to know about what you are entitled to and how to claim it on your train company’s website by selecting the company's logo below.

Most claims can be made by obtaining a form from a staffed station, enclosing the ticket and posting whilst often this can also be done online by attaching a scan of the ticket.

Some Train Companies even allow Season Ticket holders to register their ticket online to make future claims quicker and easier.


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The National Rail Conditions of Travel outlines the minimum offered through Passenger’s Charters but in practise the vast majority of operators pay more than that.

We’re here to help you on your journey and to get you back on track. You can sign up for automatic alerts about delays and disruption here. Tweet us too at @nationalrailenq.  

Old style Passenger's Charter compensation applicable to Season Tickets holders

Old style Passenger's Charter still applies to the following train companies:

  • Arriva Trains Wales
  • Chiltern Railways
  • GWR (Great Western Railway)
  • South Western Railway (until September 2018. New compensation claims are now processed through Delay Repay scheme)

Whilst claiming for delays on daily or weekly tickets remains broadly the same as for Delay Repay detailed above, the formula for Season Ticket holders of one month or longer is different.

Rather than claiming for each and every delay as it occurs, statistics relating to both performance (the number of trains that arrived on time) and reliability (the number of trains that ran without cancellation) are gathered by the train company, independently verified and then measured against the targets set by the Department for Transport. This is measured on a 4-weekly basis and where the train company fails against one or both targets a discount of 5% for each of the failed targets is offered to those renewing their Season ticket.

In addition, on occasions of severe disruption, the train company may choose to totally void the figures for that day (or days) - effectively exclude all of the performance results from any given day(s) and instead offer the customer a whole extra day or multiple days extension to their next renewed Season Ticket. These are known as 'Void Days'.

These statistics are gathered every four weeks by Rail Delivery Group and the renewal discounts and declared Void Days are published below, where you will find the figures for the last 13 periods (equivalent to 52 weeks / 1 year). 

Season Ticket renewal discounts and Void Days declared

PERIOD 18/11
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 11 February to Saturday 04 March 2018 ONLY
PERIOD 18/10
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 14 January to Saturday 10 February 2018 ONLY
PERIOD 18/09
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 17 December 2017 to Saturday 13 January 2018 ONLY
PERIOD 18/08
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 19 November to Saturday 11 December ONLY
PERIOD 18/07
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 22 October to Saturday 18 November 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 18/06
Applies to season Ticket renewals from Sunday 24 September to Saturday 21 October 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 18/05
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 27 August until Saturday 23 September 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 18/04
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 30 July 2017 until Saturday 27 August 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 18/03
Applies to Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 2 July until Saturday 29 July 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 18/02
Applies for Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 4 June until Saturday 1 July 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 18/01
Applies for Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 7 May until Saturday 3 June 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 17/13
Applies for Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 9 April until Saturday 6 May 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 17/12
Applies for Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 12 March until Saturday 8 April 2017 ONLY
PERIOD 17/11
Applies for Season Ticket renewals from Sunday 12 February until Saturday 11 March 2017 ONLY
Any enquiries regarding these figures should be raised directly with the Train Company.

If your Train Company is not shown on any of these documents then it operates a Delay Repay compensation formula for Season Ticket holders.