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Cycling by train

National Rail encourages the integrated use of cycles and trains - two convenient and environmentally friendly forms of transport. Some Train Companies have restrictions on when accompanied cycles may be carried, especially at busy times. Details can be found on our Train Companies page: select the Train Company you are travelling with and look at the 'Onboard facilities' section.

Where accompanied cycles are carried there is no charge.



PlusBike is a one-stop shop for all the information you may need when planning a rail journey with a cycle.

Whether you are parking your bike at the station, taking it on board or wanting to hire one at the other end of your journey, PlusBike will be able to tell you about facilities at the station, including the number of cycle parking spaces, cycle hire schemes near by and information about taking your cycle on board.

PlusBike information is available for free and can be accessed online, on mobile and tablet through National Rail.

Look up information specific to your journey when using Journey Planner via ‘Train times | Buy tickets’. Simply click ‘Details’ for that journey and scroll down to ‘Additional info’ on the far right and click on the PlusBike icon.

Or search by station using stations services and facilities and view information under ‘Getting to and from the station’.

For more information on PlusBike.

Some general points

  • If a cycle reservation is required please make it as far in advance as possible
  • If a customer travelling with a bicycle has purchased an Advance ticket for a train on which cycles are permitted but cycle reservations are not possible and there is no room for the cycle on the booked train for the Advance ticket, the customer is allowed to travel on the next train with the Advance ticket on which there is cycle space available.
  • Cycles are not carried during periods of restriction as listed below
  • Please label your cycle clearly
  • Please cover your folded cycle
  • Tandems, tricycles and bicycle trailers are not carried unless otherwise stated
  • Unaccompanied cycles cannot be carried on any services.
  • Motorcycles cannot be carried on any services
  • Cycles must be carried in the designated area on trains and must not obstruct doors or aisles
  • Cycles are carried at owner’s risk (see National Rail Conditions of Travel

If you have any questions regarding the conveyance of your bicycle please contact the Train Company that you are travelling with for further details.

Engineering work and cycles

Engineering work may affect train services. Non-folding bicycles are not allowed on rail replacement bus services at any time. Folding cycles can usually be taken on replacement buses, however this is subject to space being available and this cannot be guaranteed. Please check with the operator before travelling.

More information on engineering work.

Bus link services and cycles

Some of the journeys shown in our Journey Planner are permanent bus links to destinations that are not served by rail. Cycles cannot usually be conveyed on these services. Folding bicycles are usually accepted if fully folded and stowed as luggage, subject to space being available.

Folded cycles

Folding bicycles are carried free of charge and without restriction on all services, subject only to the additional requirements for specific services set out below:

Cycling storage and hire

An increasing number of railway stations have good quality cycle storage on or near to the station. In addition, many train companies work with independent cycle companies to offer cycle hire at stations. Search our station facilities area for more information on cycle facilities at stations.

Cycling around London

Cycle Hire was launched on 30 July 2010.

Pick up a bicycle at one of  over 700 cycle stations in central London, ride it where you like then return it to any cycle station ready for the next person. Available 24 hours a day, all year round. It is self-service and there is no booking - just turn up and go.

You pay for the right to hire a cycle (access fee) and for the amount of time you have got it (usage charge). You can register to become a member online although casual users can register at the terminal using a credit or debit card.

For more information, visit the Transport for London website.

Cycling by train around Europe

The Eurostar website has information about their cycle policy.

Cycling organisations

The National Rail Cycling by Train leaflet is made possible by Bike & Go and Brompton cycles

Bike & Go


Brompton Bicycle Limited

Lionel Road South, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9QR
Tel: 020 8232 8484
Fax: 020 8232 8181

CTC - The national body for cyclists

Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, GU2 9JX
Tel: 0844 736 8450

A to B magazine - Transport & folding / electric bikes

Tel/fax: 01305 259 998

Sustrans - Cycle routes & sustainable transport

Tel: 08451 130 065

More information

You can contact the Train Company you are travelling with for more information about their specific facilities for cyclists at the below link 'Train Operating Companies'.

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