Discounts for children

Children benefit from discounts when travelling by train.

Children under five years of age

Children under five years of age may accompany fare-paying passengers free of charge, unless the Train Company you want to use specifies otherwise in their notices and other publications. However, children under five years of age who are travelling free may only occupy a seat which is not required by a fare-paying passenger.

Child aged five to fifteen

Children aged five to fifteen inclusive get a 50% discount on most tickets. In addition, children under five can travel free with fare paying passenger.

If the child looks 16 or over, it may be appropriate for proof of age to be carried when purchasing the ticket and also when travelling to avoid embarrassment.

Children and Seat Reservations

As with any ticket, if seat reservations are available on your chosen service you will be able to reserve your child a seat for the journey. Seat or sleeper berth reservations are not available for accompanying children who are travelling free of charge. If you wish to reserve a seat or sleeper berth for your child under five - or to ensure that they do not need give up their seat during their journey - a child discounted ticket may be purchased and a reservation made.

Family & Friends Railcard

Family and Friend Railcard Logo

You might find that you can save money with a Family & Friends Railcard - up to 4 adults and 4 children can travel together on one card and you do not have to be related. Adults can save around one third and children's tickets cost 60% less. For more information visit our Friends & Family Railcard section.