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Airport Advance

The following terms and conditions apply to this type of ticket. Please note that some tickets have restrictions on the days or times you can travel. Please check before you travel.

Terms and Conditions


Advance tickets are single (one way) tickets for selected journeys available in Standard Class, offering the best available price for each journey.

Single or Return



  • TransPennine Express

Standard Class Ticket Code

AA2, AB2, AC2, AD2, AE2, AF2, AG2, AH2, AI2, AJ2, AK2, AL2, AO2 & AP2

First Class Ticket Code

AA1, AB1, AC1, AD1, AE1, AF1, AG1, AH1, AI1, AJ1, AK1, AL1, AN1 & AO1


Purchase Location

Any National Rail station, train company telesales and rail appointed travel agents.

Purchase Availability

Tickets must be purchased in advance of travel, subject to availability, and are not available on the day of travel. Customers should book as far in advance as possible to get the cheapest fares.

Pre-booking Requirement

Ticket must be booked and seats reserved before departure.

Tickets sold subject to availability.

Not available on day of travel.

Reservations Compulsory








Discounts are available with the following Railcards: 16-25, Family & Friends, Senior, HM Forces, Disabled Persons and Two Together Railcards.

General Conditions

Customers must travel on the service(s) which are stated on their tickets. If you miss the first train on which you are booked then a new ticket must be purchased.

If delays occur whilst travelling, customers are allowed to take the next available service(s) to complete their journey.

Railcard holders travelling on a discounted ticket must carry their Railcard when they travel. If a Railcard holder fails to produce a valid Railcard with their ticket, a new ticket must be purchased.

Printed eTicket holders

The person travelling must be the payment card holder and carry the card used to make the booking or the tickets will not be valid. The payment card holder must be named as the lead passenger. All tickets must be printed on white A4 paper prior to travel.

eTickets are not available on Airport Advance & Connections tickets.

Delayed flights

As a special concession customers with an Airport Advance ticket, with an origin of Manchester Airport or Lpool Airport Bus, if their flight is delayed, will be allowed to travel on the next TransPennine Express service to their destination. This concession is available for up to 3 hours after the departure time of their original service or if the next service to their destination is timed to depart more than 3 hours after the original departure time they may use this service.

Please note: At least one hour is required from Terminal to train (taking into account the time required to clear immigration, customs and baggage collection). Your ticket will not be endorsed should you not leave sufficient time to reach your chosen service before it departs. Your flight details will be verified in the event you are delayed.

Customers wishing to take advantage of this concession must have their tickets endorsed at the station ticket office.

Customers who take advantage of this concession will not have a reserved seat on the service.

Customers may NOT travel on an earlier departure than the time stated on their ticket and any customer doing so should be treated as travelling without a valid ticket.

Outward Journey

Day Of Travel

Date on ticket.

Time Of Travel

Train service specified on ticket.

Break Of Journey

Customers may not start, break and resume or end their journey at any intermediate station except to change to/from connecting trains as shown on the ticket(s) or other valid travel itinerary.

Return Journey

Day Of Travel

Not applicable.

Break Of Journey

Not applicable. Advance are single tickets only.


Advance Tickets are non-refundable

If the train the customer purchased a ticket for is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, special arrangements will be made to accommodate them on another service (although a seat cannot be guaranteed). If, as a result, customers decide not to travel a refund will be offered on completely unused tickets and they will not charged an administration fee.

Changes To Travel Plans

Changes to time or date of travel must be arranged before departure of the first reserved train printed on the ticket, after which the ticket has no value and a new must be purchased. Customers will need to present the ticket(s) and reservation(s) when they request a change.

Changes to tickets cannot be made on board the train. If customers board a train without a reservation for that service, a new ticket(s) must be purchased.

The origin, destination and Train company or route shown on the original tickets must be the same as the new tickets required.

The difference between the price paid and the cost of the next of the next suitable fare for the journey is payable, plus a £10 administration fee per person, per single ticket for each change to a journey. If the customer(s) change to a train where a cheaper fare is available, the difference will not be refunded, but the administration charge is still applicable.

Note: This does not apply to 'Self-print' tickets as these tickets are not changeable.