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Caledonian Sleeper - Online Sleeper Flexipass

The following terms and conditions apply to this type of ticket. Please note that some tickets have restrictions on the days or times you can travel. Please check before you travel.

Terms and Conditions


Online Sleeper Flexipass

Single or Return



  • Caledonian Sleeper

Other Class Ticket Code

FPX, FPW, FPZ, 1FJ, 2FJ, 1SJ & 2SJ


Purchase Location

This product can only be purchased and managed through the Caledonian Sleeper website In order to purchase this product you must register for an online account.

Purchase Availability

The ticket can be purchased up to one month in advance of the first booking. It is not possible to make reservations for travel until the product becomes valid.

Pre-booking Requirement

This product can only be used with confirmed reservations. Tickets are fulfilled by Self-Print or e-ticket only and this will only be generated once a confirmed booking as been made. Reservations are possible until the train closed for reservations. This product cannot be used if it is not possible to obtain reservations for example if the reservations are closed or the train is fully booked.

Reservations Compulsory








General Conditions

Flexipass is only valid on Caledonian Sleeper and not on any other operator.

Outward Journey

Day Of Travel

Reserved train only

Time Of Travel

Reserved train only


There are no refunds on Flexipass, however if a new Flexipass is purchased before the old one expires the remaining coupons are extended the match the expiry date of the new pass.

Changes To Travel Plans

Change of travel plans are free of change. All changes must be made through an online account and must be made before midday two days before arrival in destination.