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Restriction Code

Some tickets may require you to travel at specific times of the day, days of the week or on a specific route. Our Journey Planner takes ticket restrictions into account with the selection that you have made and will only have shown tickets that are valid for the selected trains.


Applicable Days

Monday to Sunday & Public Holidays

Outward Travel

Customers may begin their journey from the origin station on trains scheduled to depart up to 70 minutes before or after the scheduled departure time of the original first booked service.

'Break of journey' is not permitted under the terms and conditions of your ticket.

Customers must travel such that their scheduled arrival time is within 180 minutes of the original booked arrival time.

For full terms and conditions, see here.

Return Travel

Customers should purchase a separate single ticket for return travel.


If intending to make use of the flexibility offered by your ticket, it is recommended that you digitally amend your booking at

If unable to amend your booking, you may still travel via alternative services as defined by the validity of your ticket.

If you change trains mid-journey and travel on a train which also served your origin station en route, this train must have departed the origin station within the defined period of flexibility provided by the original ticket for your journey to be permitted.

You may only travel via alternative services beyond this validity where there is ticket acceptance in place or where you have missed a connection due to earlier delays to your journey.