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Nexus Adult Transfare

Nearest train station

Participating train companies


Travel in the designated area.


PlusBus is a discount price bus ticket for unlimited travel around the origin and/or destination of your rail journey on participating operators' services. When you buy PlusBus with your train ticket you pay for your whole journey by public transport in one transaction.

Further information

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Available to Purchase

From 8th October 2009

Purchase Details

Tickets can be purchased:

  • Choose the appropriate zone from T1 to T3 on the Metro ticket machine

  • on the bus

  • on the ferry

Valid from

From 8th October 2009

Terms & Conditions

How do I work out the number of zones I'm travelling in?The map attached shows Tyne and Wear divided into just 3 zones - yellow, green and grey.If your journey is entirely within just one zone (yellow, green OR grey) - you only need a 1 zone Transfare (T1 on Metro).If you are travelling in the yellow AND the green zones or the green AND the grey zones - you need a 2 zone Transfare (T2 on Metro).And if you are travelling in the yellow, green AND grey zones you need a 3 zone Transfare (T3 on Metro).

What if I start my journey on a zone boundary?Bus stops and Metro stations on boundaries are in both zones.For example, if you travel from Felling to Windy Nook via Heworth your whole journey is in the green zone so you need a one zone Transfare (T1 on Metro). Similarly if you travel from Felling to the Freeman Hospital via Monument your journey is entirely in the yellow zone so you need a one zone Transfare (T1 on Metro).

Valid in both directions


Applicable Zone of Station(s)

Brockley, Blaydon, Heworth, MetroCentre, Newcastle and Sunderland


  • Adult

    One zone £3.00

    Two zones £3.90

    Three zones £4.60

  • Child

    £1.10 (All zones)