National Rail Enquiries Data Feeds

National Rail Enquiries (NRE) support the principle of transparency and contribute to the wider industry agenda by making data openly available in the public domain.  NRE have a selection of APIs and XML feeds that are available for use by third party developers to create their own applications. The data feeds are derived from our three primary engines; Darwin, KB and OJP. 

A summary of all available feeds can be found in the NRE Feeds Developer Pack.


Darwin is the GB rail industry‚Äôs official train running information engine, providing real-time arrival and departure predictions, platform numbers, delay estimates, schedule changes and cancellations.  Darwin data powers NRE and TOC customer facing information services; including websites, mobile apps and train station departure board screens, as well as hundreds of digital products developed by 3rd Parties. Darwin also drives our Historic Service Performance (HSP) webservice, allowing access to what happened to the train service up to one year ago.

Knowledgebase (KB)

Knowledgebase is the content engine and database of the National Rail Enquiries website.  It contains a wealth of static and real-time information about traveling by train on the GB rail network, such as information about station facilities, service disruption, and engineering work.  The information is available in XML file format, is available via self signup on the National Rail data portal and can be accessed via a RESTful API

Online Journey Planner (OJP)

The Online Journey Planner is the engine used to plan routes, calculate fares and establish ticket availability on National Rail Enquiries digital channels.  The Online Journey Planner accesses real-time information directly from Darwin, meaning all journey plans take account of all delays, schedule changes and last minute cancellations made by the train companies.  The OJP data feeds are SOAP APIs and are available for use under formal licence.

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Last updated:   02 June 2020