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Passenger Assistance by Transreport

You can use the Passenger Assistance app or website to request assistance for your train journey

What is the Passenger Assistance app?

The Passenger Assistance smartphone app and website can be used to request assistance for future journeys across the National Rail network, and is delivered by Transreport in partnership with National Rail. You can find out more on the Passenger Assistance website.

How does the Passenger Assistance app work?

The app lets you:

  • request assistance for your rail journey

  • manage your customer profile and assistance needs

  • view your travel history

  • browse rail journeys via the online journey planner

You can request assistance on your smartphone, without needing to get in touch with a contact centre via phone or email. You will still need to buy a ticket for your journey.

The app will send your assistance request for each journey to the relevant train company. They will first send an acknowledgement email and then follow up with a confirmation once the request has been checked. Rail staff will then be on hand to deliver the required assistance throughout your journey.

If you have any questions about your assistance or need to make any changes after booking, please contact the train company via the contact details on your acknowledgement or confirmation email.

Wheelchair users

If you want a wheelchair space reserved for your journey, staff will make a reservation for you if your profile says that you are a wheelchair user. If you want to travel in First Class, please add this to your journey information. You must buy the correct ticket for your journey if you wish to travel First Class.  

If you are not a wheelchair user and would like a seat reservation, please request this using the other information box in the app, along with your class of journey if appropriate.

Not all train companies offer seat or wheelchair space reservations. If reservations are not available because the train service you are planning on using does not offer seat reservations, staff will say that they are not available in the confirmation reply.

How do I get the Passenger Assistance app?

The app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

There is also a web version of the app that you can access.

How to use the App

You can find out more about how to register for the app and request assistance by viewing videos on the Passenger Assistance YouTube channel from app creators Transreport.

Creating an account

Making a booking request

More information

You can find frequently asked questions about the app on the Passenger Assistance website.