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Are you a Zillennial?

The 26-30 ‘Millennial Railcard’ to now be inclusive of a new generation


18 October 2023: Dubbed the ‘Millennial Railcard’ when it first launched, the 26-30 Railcard is now worthy of a new nickname thanks to the arrival of this year’s fresh batch of 26-year-olds, who are firmly part of Generation Z. is encouraging avid train travellers to coin the 26-30 Railcard as the ‘Zillennial’ Railcard to be more inclusive of newly eligible Gen Zs.

What makes a Zillennial?

Social media has been debating how to define the limbo between Millennials and Gen Z for quite some time. #Zillennial has gained 236M+ views on social media, and there have been a few hilarious differentiating markers. Unsure where you sit in the generational hierarchy? Below are some of the debatable signs that you might be a Zillennial.


How to spot a Zillennial when travelling by train:


With Millennials famed for their skin-tight jeans and Gen Z opting for much looser styles, you can spot a Zillennial making their way down the train aisle in a straight-leg jean.

Vampires vs werewolves

Boy Wizard films are a cult favourite amongst Millennials and Zillennials alike, but are Vampires vs Werewolves the real differentiating moment between the 2 generations? While most of Gen Z were too young to appreciate the saga upon its initial print release in 2005, you can spot a Zillennial on the train watching the film series, as part of the era of Team Jacob vs Team Edward. 


When it comes to hairstyles, Millennials have been widely criticised by Gen Z for their loyalty to the side parting, and Gen Z are equally known for their allegiance to a middle parting. But how can you tell a Gen Z from a Zillennial? Bangs! As most Zillennials grew up with 90s nostalgic pin-straight hair and a middle parting, you will spot them boarding with this haircut, whilst Gen Z are now opting for 70s-esque fringes and layers.

Photo snapping

While the Millennial is well known for their Instagram page full of selfies, and Gen Z are a fan of spontaneous, blurry pictures, the Zillennial prefers a group shot. Spot them capturing days out with friends on the platform or across the table in a booth.

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