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Bring up to 3 items, at no extra cost

Got your bags packed? Then bring them onboard! From backpacks to suitcases, here’s everything you need to know about bringing luggage on the train.

You’re generally welcome to bring up to 3 pieces of luggage onboard, at no extra cost. These items may include satchels, backpacks, suitcases and the like. However, some train companies have different luggage policies, so it’s always a good idea to check their website before you travel. Also, some items may come with an additional cost, and some items are not allowed. See below for more information.

Additional luggage charges

There may be additional luggage charges if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You’re bringing more than 3 items

  • Your luggage occupies seats which are needed for passenger use

  • Your luggage is larger than 1 metre in any dimension. Please note that you must be able to carry large luggage without assistance. If not, it isn’t permitted onboard

Please contact your train company if you have any questions.

Luggage that is not permitted

The following luggage items are not permitted on trains:

  • Items larger than 1 metre in any dimension that you cannot carry without assistance. This includes canoes, hang-gliders, large furniture and large musical instruments

  • Surfboards

  • Motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters and motorised cycles

  • e-Scooters may not be permitted by a train company on their own services. Check their Cycle Policy before you travel

  • Any animal or article which may cause inconvenience to passengers due to its size or behaviour. For more information on travelling with animals, see Train Travel with Pets

Travel Tips


  • Bring up to 3 items at no extra cost

  • Make use of luggage racks and compartments

  • Keep an eye on your belongings


  • Put your luggage on a seat if another passenger needs it

  • Leave luggage behind

  • Think of the train as a removal van – there just isn’t room for that vintage sofa onboard!


Yes, you can generally bring up to 3 items of luggage on the train at no extra cost, although some train companies have different policies. And if you bring more than 3 items, there may be an additional charge. Contact your train company for more information.

Yes. If you are a disabled person, older or less mobile, and therefore require assistance with your luggage, you can request this in advance of your journey through Passenger Assist or on the day at the station.

All other passengers are responsible for their own luggage. In some stations you can make use of luggage trolleys. 

Different train companies have different luggage policies on what staff can assist with. Please check the luggage allowance for the train company you are travelling with on their website before you travel.

Yes, you can put your luggage on a seat, but only if that seat isn’t needed by another passenger. Please be considerate of your fellow travellers. If your luggage occupies a seat that is needed by somebody, there may be an additional fee.

Yes and no.

  • You may bring a large item (more than 1 metre in any dimension), but only if you are able to carry it without assistance. There may be an additional fee for such luggage

  • You may not bring any items that you cannot carry without assistance

No, motorcycles and similar vehicles are not allowed onboard.

Some train companies do not allow e-Scooters on their services, so check their Cycle Policy before you travel. Where e-Scooters are permitted they should be folded and must meet the same requirements as other items of luggage.