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Animals on the line

Why animals straying onto the railway cause delays - and what the industry is doing to reduce them

When animals get on to the railway it can lead to delays as it is not safe to run trains where there is a risk of collision with a large animal.

Removing an animal can take some time if the location is remote or if it keeps moving - animals often go to great lengths to avoid being captured.

As there are over 20,000 miles of track it would not be practical, or desirable, to fence the entire rail network.

What the industry is doing to prevent animals getting on the tracks

  • Educate land owners about the dangers and disruption caused by animal incursions, emphasising the need to keep gates securely closed and encouraging them to use additional measures such as electric fencing
  • If the line is fenced, the type of fencing may be changed depending on the animals on the adjacent land
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Last updated:   16 January 2017