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    Stations & on train


    Map key

    Accessible WC
    Cycle Rack/Storage
    Drop Off Point
    Help point
    Single/Double Doors
    Taxi Rank
    Ticket Machine


    Ground Floor

    Bike Telephones Helppoint Ticket Machine Seats Bike Doors Step at Entrance Side Entrance Taxi Ticket hall Entrance Drop Off Unisex Accessible Toilet Ticket Counter Ticket Hall Platform 1 Car Park

    Cycles are stored in Lockers
    How many cycle racks: 5
    The cycle racks are not covered.


    How many are there: 1


    The Help Point is silver.
    What is the measurement of the Help point from floor to button in metres: 1.2
    The Help Point has an induction loop fitted.
    There is contact options for both Information and Emergencies.


    The ticket machine accepts coins and payment cards.
    How many of this type of machine are there: 1
    Prepaid tickets can be collected.


    How many individual seats (Benches count as 1): 9


    Cycles are stored in Racks
    How many cycle racks: 10
    The cycle racks are not covered.


    There are double doors.
    The door(s) open outwards.
    The doorway is wide enough for all users.
    Door handles are within reach of all users.


    Step at Entrance
    The stairs are outdoors.
    No of steps: 1
    The steps do not have handrails.


    Side Entrance
    This is an entrance and exit.
    There is a raised crossing.
    There are no entry doors.
    Wheelchair users can use the entrance unaided.




    Ticket hall Entrance
    This is an entrance and exit.
    There is a raised crossing.


    Drop Off
    The drop off point is clearly signed from the main entrance and/or from the approach to the station.
    There is not enough room to accommodate safe side and rear loading.
    There is direct level access from the drop off point to the pavement or designated pedestrianised area.
    The footpath routes from the designated parking/drop off point are on an even surface.
    The route from the designated drop off point is Level.
    Seating is not provided at intervals on long or inclined routes.


    There are unisex accessible toilet facilities available.
    The main entrance doors of the toilet are not automatic.
    The entrance door to the toilet opens out.
    The toilets are kept locked.
    The toilets require a RADAR Key.


    Ticket Counter
    How many windows: 2
    There is an induction loop available.
    Wheelchair users can access all visitor areas and move around without obstruction.


    Ticket Hall
    There is staff assistance available.


    Platform Number: 1
    There is staff assistance available on the platform.
    There are no train announcements.
    There are display boards on this platform.
    The display boards show the next departure.
    The display boards show the next few departures.
    Boarding ramps are not available – please contact the station operator for assistance.


    Car Park
    No of Accessible spaces: 1
    There is no vehicle height restriction barrier at the entrance to the car park.
    A wheelchair user can get from the parking area to the station without assistance.