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Having had the world-famous Titanic embarking from its port, Southampton is still one of the main ports that connect Britain to the rest of the world. 

Despite being one of the main ports for some of the world’s largest cruise ships, there is still a lot to discover about Southampton and its own history dating back to the medieval times.


Popular Routes to Southampton


There are two stations in Southampton; Southampton Central and Southampton Airport Parkway.

Southampton Central is the main station that serves visitors coming from all over the country and is close to the main part of town, while Southampton Airport Parkway is for those continuing their journey by plane. 

While Southampton Central has shops within the station with wheelchair access throughout (Southampton Airport Parkway only has part access), both stations have toilets with baby changing facilities and a cafe.

The most popular routes to and from Southampton operate from the following stations:  



Average Travel Time*



1 h 20 min



1 h 20 min



2 h 35 min



4 h 20 min



5 h 30 min



2 h 10 min

East Croydon


1 h 35 min 

Gatwick Airport


2 h 10 min



2 h 30 min



1 h 50 min

* Please note journey times are based on average and may vary depending on the rail provider and time of travel.


Cheap Tickets to Southampton


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The Railcards available include:


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Under 5 Travel free, accompanied by a fare-paying passenger.
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When in Southampton


Explore the historical Southampton by doing the Old Town Walk. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, the walk is a great way to see the historic sites of the city.

The SeaCity Museum is a tribute to the people of the city and their historic connections with the Titanic through exhibitions that tell the story of the lives of the crew on the Titanic. Displays also recount the stories and lives of those who have travelled in and out of the city from the earliest settlers to residents in the present day. 

Southampton was home of some of the first flying boats and was part of the region where the world did their aviation research and development. The Solent Sky Museum has an incredible collection of planes from the golden age of aviation.

The Wool House is one of Southampton’s oldest buildings and has survived many a raid and war. Back in medieval times, it stored valuable wools and yarn to export to mainland Europe and then during the Napoleonic wars it was used to hold French prisoners of war. Evidence of these inmates can be seen as some have carved their names into the beams, but these days The Wool House is now a brewery and pub!


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Last updated:   11 October 2021