Respect the Edge

Over 1.73 billion train journeys are made every year and train travel remains one of the safest modes of transport in the UK, however harm can still occur when boarding or alighting trains. The potential for slips, trips and getting caught in the doors is a small risk, but one we should all be aware of. We all play a role in reducing incidents at station platforms please remember to stay alert and stay safe.

Top tips from Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Respect the Edge campaign:

Travelling with children - the best way of keeping you, your children and your belongings safe is to keep everyone close.
Travelling for leisure - enjoy your journey but please keep a clear head when on train platforms.
Wearing headphones - enjoy the song you're listening to but please listen out for announcements and don't make a rush for the door.
Commuting - look up and think about your fellow passengers if travelling by train.