Train Mapper

None of us likes an unexpected change to our journey!

But with Train Mapper you'll always be one step ahead. Whether you're on your way to the station, or already on the train, Train Mapper will give you real-time information about your journey.

Train Mapper is an interactive map powered by Google Maps which highlights train service disruption and will suggest different ways of getting from A to B.

And much, much more... please see below for how Train Mapper can enhance your journey experience. 

Getting Started


You can use the Train Mapper tool on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. It can go wherever you go!

Simply click on the link to start Train Mapper.

You will then see a Google Map of Great Britain, and you are ready to start exploring.

Live Travel News


The map shows a warning triangle where train services are being disrupted.

  • An amber triangle shows where journeys are generally being delayed between 15 minutes and an hour.
  • A red triangle shows that journeys are being significantly delayed, possibly by over an hour.

The enquiry window also gives you a list of all current disruptions, select the Live Travel News tab. 

Click on the warning triangle to get more information on the train disruption affecting that area, and to get answers to your travel questions such as:

  • What has gone wrong on the railway?
  • Can I expect delays to my journey? If so, how bad will the delays be?
  • Will buses be replacing trains?
  • Can I use my ticket on other train company services? Or on local buses, trams or the Tube?
  • Can I use an alternative route for my journey?
  • Can I travel earlier or later today, or tomorrow, with my ticket? Even if its an Advance ticket?


You can also find the #hashtag that National Rail Enquiries are using for the disruption Tweets.
If you don't use Twitter, you can see the recent Tweets that National Rail Enquiries have sent as we show them on Train Mapper.

Check and Plan your journey


In the enquiry window, select the Check Journey/Station tab.

There you can check or plan your journey by keying in where you are travelling from and to. This could be the name of the station, or the postcode of the location, or whatever part of the address you have.

Train Mapper is very flexible, with the added power of Google Maps, and will suggest ways of getting to and from your station.

Your door-to-door or station-to-station journey will be displayed on the map so you can see the route you will be taking.

Zoom in on the Map to see your journey in more details, even down to which streets to walk down to get to the station.

The enquiry window will now show departure details of the next trains you can take. Click on details to get further information on that train, with a train plan of your journey.


Live Tracking of your Train Journey


In the enquiry window, select the Check Journey/Station tab. 

Click on My Location, type in the stations where you are travelling from and to, then select your train from the drop down list.

Click on Details and you'll get a plan of your journey.

Once your journey begins, you can follow your progress in real-time on the map.


Station Information


In the enquiry window, select the Check Journey/Station tab. 

Type in details of the station you want to obtain information from.

Your selected station will show on the Map.

Click on the station logo, and you'll get a map showing the location of the station.

The enquiry window will now give you the option to select:

  • Live Departures: real-time details of the next trains due to depart the station
  • Live Arrivals: real-time details of the next trains due to arrive at the station
  • Station: comprehensive information on what you can find at the station, from car parks to replacement bus location.


Last updated:   28 January 2020