Caledonian Sleeper


Train Type

Class 73 / 92 + Sleeper Carriages

Routes operated All Caledonian Sleeper routes.
Accommodation for wheelchair users in First Class? N/A - Accessible Rooms available - Classic Double and Classic Twin rooms.
First Class accessible toilet? Yes
Accommodation for wheelchair users in Standard Class? Dedicated accessible wheelchair space in Seated Coach
Standard Class accessible toilet? Yes
Standard toilet? Yes
Boarding ramp available? Yes
Priority seating? Yes
Audible information? Yes
Visual information? Yes
Customer service staff available onboard? Yes


Helpful Information
The Caledonian Sleeper 'Making Rail Accessible: Helping Older and Disabled Passengers' document can be found here. A document showing how Caledonian Sleeper currently meet the needs of customers who are disabled or mobility impaired
For further information on the service that Caledonian Sleeper offers and their Accessible Travel Plan, please follow this link.
Accessible Travel information on the new Caledoinan Sleeper trains can be found here.

Last updated:   27 November 2020