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Caledonian Sleeper - Sleeper Room Supplements

The following terms and conditions apply to this type of ticket. Please note that some tickets have restrictions on the days or times you can travel. Please check before you travel.

Terms and Conditions


Sleeper supplements are available to Guests who already hold travel tickets and wish to travel in sleeper accommodation.

Single or Return



  • Caledonian Sleeper

Other Class Ticket Code

1SZ, 2SZ, 1FZ, 2FZ, 1DZ & 2DZ


Purchase Location

At stations or online.

Purchase Availability

Room Supplements can only be purchased in advance while reservations are available.

Pre-booking Requirement

Reservations must be made in advance of travel.

Reservations Compulsory








General Conditions

A Room Supplements are not a travel ticket. They are an accommodation supplement and work in conjunction with a travel ticket. The class of travel is determined by the travel ticket held. Guest who hold Standard travel tickets can only purchase a Classic Room Supplement, holders of First Class Tickets can purchase either a Club or Classic Room Supplement. Guests who hold Standard Tickets and wish to travel in a Club room will be required to upgrade their travel ticket from Standard to First Class.

Travel tickets or combinations of travel tickets that can be used with a berth supplement must cover the whole journey being made. Examples of tickets that can be used are Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak, Britrail passes or All Line Rovers. Advance Purchase tickets valid on other operators cannot be used as a valid travel ticket. Rover Tickets, Britrail, Inter-Rail, EuroRail, FIP Coupons tickets need to be valid for travel on arrival in destination. They do not necessarily need to be valid when boarding the train, if the departure is before midnight.

Outward Journey

Day Of Travel

Reserved train only

Time Of Travel

Reserved train only


For tickets purchased before 07 June 2023

Full refunds are available minus a £10 admin fee is available up to midday the day before travel. For after midnight departures this is midday 2 days before travel.

For tickets purchased on or after 07 June 2023

Refunds are available on a sliding scale depending on when the refund is requested.

  • 7 days or more before travel - a full refund is available with no admin fee

  • Less than 7 days and before midday the day before travel (2 days before for departures between 00:01 and 04:30) a 50% refund is available

  • After midday the day before departure (2 days before for departures between 00:01 and 04:30) refunds are no longer available

Changes To Travel Plans

For tickets purchased before 07 June 2023

For travel to be changed the Room Supplement will need to be refunded and a new one purchased. A £10 admin applies to the refund.

For tickets purchased on or after 07 June 2023