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Anytime Short Return

The following terms and conditions apply to this type of ticket. Please note that some tickets have restrictions on the days or times you can travel. Please check before you travel.

Terms and Conditions


Anytime fares are fully flexible walk-up tickets with no restrictions on when you can travel.

The Anytime Short Return has exactly the same terms and conditions as the normal Anytime Return in that there are no time restrictions, EXCEPT that the outward portion of the ticket is valid for ONE day and not FIVE days.  The return validity remains the standard calendar month.

It's addition to the existing ticket range aims to give customers increased choice by offering a period Anytime return for use in the peak on short distance flows where traditionally only a Day ticket was available.  This then provides both period options for Peak and Off Peak Travel.

Ticket Issuing Systems will display the ticket type as SHR - ANYTIME SHORT R.

Tickets will print with ANYTIME SHORT R.

Single or Return



  • LNER

Standard Class Ticket Code



Purchase Location


Pre-booking Requirement

Tickets can be bought in advance or immediately before travel. You can reserve a seat on many longer distance services. Reservations are recommended on busy services.There are no restrictions on when you can travel, however if you wish to change your date of outward travel or the origin and/or destination of your ticket, you will need to buy a new ticket and apply for a refund on your existing ticket (see below).

Reservations Compulsory






Children (aged 5 to 15 inclusive) 50% discount. Up to two children aged under 5 can travel free with each fare paying passenger.



Minimum fare (applicable to 16-25 and HM Forces) is £12.

Outward Journey

Day Of Travel

The outward portions of Anytime Short Returns are valid on the date shown on the ticket.

Break Of Journey


Return Journey

Day Of Travel

Return portions of Anytime Short Return tickets are valid until 04:29 in the early morning following the last day of validity (i.e. one Calendar month from outward journey).  All travel must be completed by this time.

Break Of Journey



See 'Refunds' section

Changes To Travel Plans