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Scottish Executive ex Undeground- Single

The following terms and conditions apply to this type of ticket. Please note that some tickets have restrictions on the days or times you can travel. Please check before you travel.

Terms and Conditions


The Scottish Executive  is a single ticket that includes a complimentary upgrade to First class and complimentary food.

Single or Return



  • LNER

Standard Class Ticket Code



Purchase Location


Purchase Availability

Tickets are valid ONLY on the date and train service(s) shown on the outward ticket. Where applicable, you must travel in the class and reserved seat(s) shown on the ticket(s).

Pre-booking Requirement

Tickets must be purchased by 18:00 the day before travel and are subject to availability. Book as far in advance as possible to get the cheapest fares

Reservations Compulsory








Outward Journey

Day Of Travel

You must be at the departure station shown on the ticket in good time to catch the train. If you miss the first train on which you are booked for any reason, a new ticket must be purchased. If delays occur while travelling, you will be allowed to take the next available train(s) to complete your journey.

Break Of Journey

You may not start, break and resume, or end your journey at any intermediate station except to change to/from connecting trains as shown on the ticket(s) or other valid travel itinerary.

Return Journey

Day Of Travel


Break Of Journey



Your ticket is refundable. If you decide not to use your ticket to make all or part of your intended journey then you can get a refund by returning your unused ticket to the ticket office or place of purchase (for tickets bought via websites, telesales or travel agents) within 28 days of the ticket expiry date. You may be required to pay an administration fee. The refund amount will take into account any use you have made of the ticket and in some circumstances no refund will be paid.

Changes To Travel Plans