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Last updated:Today at 08:05
Train companies affected:South Western Railway

Payment Methods

There are lots of handy payment options available for you to buy your train ticket, whether it’s at a ticket office, from a ticket machine, online or on the phone

Credit and debit cards

You can pay with any of the major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and Amex. For payments up to £100, you can use your contactless card, mobile device or smartwatch.


You can use contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, to purchase tickets at tickets offices and ticket machines. Within the London Zonal area (1-9) you can also use contactless to pay for your journey by tapping in and out. Find out more about travelling in London on our Oyster, Contactless and Travelcards page.


Ticket offices and some ticket machines will accept cash payments.

Rail Travel Accounts (Warrants)

You can use a Company or Ministry of Defence warrant to buy tickets, in accordance with the instructions supplied by the department or organisation where you obtained the warrant.

National Rail Travel Vouchers

National Rail Travel Vouchers are issued by train companies as compensation, goodwill gestures or for marketing purposes. They can be exchanged for tickets on National Rail services. There are 2 types of Rail Travel Voucher:

  • Fixed value vouchers. These come in different colours, depending on the denomination: £1 (green), £5 (blue), £10 (orange) and £20 (yellow). They cannot be exchanged for cash

  • Variable value vouchers. Some train companies also issue their own bespoke vouchers for specific amounts, depending on the circumstances in which they were issued. These may be exchanged for cash at the ticket office of the company that issued it. Details will be printed on the Rail Travel Voucher if this is permitted


Yes, you can use Apply Pay or Google Pay (along with other contactless methods) at a ticket office or ticket machine. In addition, you can use them within the London Zonal area (1-9) to tap in and out.

No, personal cheques are no longer accepted as a method of payment.

Yes, contactless payments are offered at most ticket machines.