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Season Ticket Calculator

Find the best value ticket for your regular journey

Season tickets are great for regular travel between 2 stations during peak times. Use the Season Ticket Calculator below to find the best ticket option for you. Choose your option from the list and you will be directed to a ticket retailer website, where you can buy your tickets.

Please Note

Flexi Season tickets are not available for all journeys.

Retailers may offer options on their website which are not included in the calculator. Pay as you go options are also not included.

More Information

Flexi Season tickets are valid for 8 days of travel within a 28-day period. Please note: If you select 1 year, you are entitled to 12 tickets valid for 28 days each, as most commuters are entitled to 4 weeks of annual leave plus bank holidays. If you are travelling 3 days a week, you will need more than one Flexi Season ticket in a month.

7-Day Season tickets are valid for 7 consecutive days and are a cheaper option if you travel 3 or more days within 7 days.

Monthly Season tickets are valid for a full calendar month. You can also purchase a Custom Season ticket for longer than a month at the same discounted rate.

Annual Season tickets are better value than monthly tickets if you need 10 months or more of travel, offering you the equivalent of 12 weeks worth of free travel a year.

The more you travel, the better value for money a Season ticket is.

The Cost per Day is calculated as the ticket price divided by the number of days you set for your ticket search.

Season ticket prices on this calculator reflect current fares. If ticket prices go up while your ticket is valid, you dont pay extra.

Unless it is a Travelcard, Season tickets may not include cross-London or Underground Travel. See our Season tickets page, our Oyster, contactless and Travelcards page, or our Travelling in London page for more information.

Pay as you go with contactless is not included in the Season Ticket Calculator, however it could be a good option for your regular travel depending on your journey and preferences. When you pay as you go with a contactless card or device, you can benefit from daily and Monday to Sunday caps into and within London.

Visit our pay as you go with contactless page for more information. 

Most Season ticket purchases require a photocard, except for some electronic Season tickets. If you need a photocard, take a passport-sized photograph of yourself to a staffed National Rail ticket office, where you will be issued with a photocard free of charge.