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Mums-to-be First Class Upgrade - Greater Anglia

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Free First Class upgrade for Mums-to-be


To make life a little easier towards the end of your pregnancy, Greater Anglia offers a free First Class upgrade for Standard Class ticket holders in your last eight weeks of pregnancy before maternity leave. 

If you are pregnant and in your last eight weeks of pregnancy before maternity leave, you may apply for an authority to travel which will allow you to sit in a First Class seat if there are no seats available in Standard Class.

To obtain this authority you must be in possession of a season ticket Photocard.  If you do not hold a season ticket or have a Photocard, please take a recent passport size/style photograph to any of our ticket offices.  A Photocard will be created for you free of charge.

Apply in writing:

Freepost RSCZ-UXZJ-EHHEGreater AngliaCustomer RelationsStation ApproachNorwich NR1 1EG

Please include the following information:

  • Your Photocard number

  • The journey details (origin and destination)

  • A letter from your employer confirming your last date of travel before maternity leave.  If you do not work a letter from your GP will be required.

We will send you an authority to travel in First Class accommodation valid until the last day of travel before your maternity leave is due to start.  You must show this authority, your train ticket and your Photocard during any ticket check on the train.

We offer this help for the last eight weeks of travel before maternity leave. We do not offer any alternatives, or extend the validity of the upgrade beyond eight weeks.

Further information

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Available to Purchase

From 27th May 2010

Booking Conditions

* This offer is only available on services where first class accommodation is available.  On services where there is no first class accommodation we will endeavour to help you find a seat in Standard Class where there is a conductor on the service.

**  You must have prior authority before travelling otherwise you may be charged accordingly.

Valid from

From 27th May 2010

Valid in both directions