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    TrainTracker™ Text : 84950

    National Rail Enquiries offers information services to customers on the move. Our website is viewable on handheld devices and we provide text based and phone based self-service information.

    We can help you with journey information

    All these channels are updated simultaneously and in real time, so you are guaranteed the latest information regardless of how you choose to access it. 
    TrainTracker™ Text
    TrainTracker™ Text uses the same journey planning functions as our website and can give you live train running information on journeys within the next 24 hours.
    It is an automated service that can 'read' your SMS message and reply with journey information direct to your mobile phone via SMS.

    TrainTracker™ Text Terms and Conditions


    TrainTracker™ Text : 8 49 50

    How much does it cost?

    Messages sent to 8 49 50 cost your standard network rate.

    Our reply to you will cost 25p including VAT, and will be charged to you by your operator.

    You are only charged for replies containing departure/arrival information and you will not be charged for any error or usage messages.


    TrainTracker™ Text : 84950

    Simply text your request to 8 49 50 and TrainTracker™ Text will read and respond with up to the minute train running information.

    TrainTracker™ Text is an automated service and we have tried to make it as adaptable as possible so that it can understand your request and provide you with the information you need.

    How does it work?

    To help TrainTracker™ Text understand your request first time here are some examples which you can try out with your own journey requests.

    TrainTracker™ Text can accept the full station name or, to make it easier for you to use, it will accept a station's 3-character short code.

    Using Oxford (OXF) and London Paddington (PAD) as examples:
    Live departures information
    - oxford
    - depart Oxf
    - dep pad 1800
    Live arrival information
    - arr pad
    - arrive london Paddington
    - arr OXF 1503
    Real-time journey planning information
    - Oxford to PAD
    - arr oxf 1503 from pad
    - depart pad to oxford 1624

    Messages sent to 8 49 50 cost your standard network rate.

    Our reply to you will cost 25p including VAT, and will be charged to you by your operator

    TrainTracker™ Text Terms and Conditions


    Try TrainTracker™ Text for free!

    Give our TrainTracker™ Text simulator below a go.

    Text to 8 49 50

    • (OK) = On Time
    • (+3m) = Late (3 mins)
    • CAN = Cancelled
    • Plt:9 or P9 = Platform Number (9)

    If no bracket shown, the train is as timetabled (or may not yet have departed the origin station).

    Our reply to you:
    Sorry, the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. You have not been charged for this text message.

    TrainTracker™ Text : 84950

    We are interested to hear your thoughts on our TrainTracker™ Text service. Simply contact us using our online feedback area.

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    TrainTracker™ Text Terms and Conditions