Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card


This is provided to those unemployed claiming Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit for 3-9 months (18-24 year olds) or 3-12 months (over 25s) can apply through their Work Coach and local Jobcentre Plus.

Other benefit recipients may receive a Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card from 3 months of their claim and if they are actively engaged with a Jobcentre Plus adviser. Cardholders are entitled to a 50% discount on selected rail tickets.

Contact your nearest Jobcentre for more information at

​​​​​​​The rail industry is raising awareness of its Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card to help more people get back to work, as new figures show that take-up has dropped by nearly a third since the start of the pandemic. See Rail Delivery Group’s latest press release.

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Last updated:   18 November 2021