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Guidance for Rail Enthusiasts

Whether you prefer to be called a trainspotter, a train buff, a rail fan, a rail enthusiast or even a ferroequinologist, you will get a warm welcome at all our stations. Our advice and guidance will help you enjoy your passion safely

At the station

If you are visiting a major station, please ask any member of station staff to tell the Duty Station Manager that you are there. At smaller stations just let any member of station staff know. This means they will be aware that you are on the station – and why you are there – and will be able to do their jobs without wondering what you are doing.

You may require a platform ticket to get through the ticket barriers and access platforms if you are not making a train journey.

On the platform

Please be safe and sensible at all times. You can visit our Safe Train Travel page for more information. And always follow these rules:

  • Stay clear of the platform edge and behind the yellow lines

  • Do not trespass onto any area of the railway that is not available to passengers

  • Do not climb on any structure or interfere with platform equipment

  • Do not obstruct any signalling equipment or signs which are vital to the safe running of the railways

  • Avoid wearing anything which is similar in colour to safety clothing, such as a high-visibility jacket, as this could cause confusion to drivers or other railway employees

  • Avoid congregating at busy areas of the platform – such as customer information points, departure screens and waiting areas – or in any place where this may interfere with the duties of station staff

Occasionally, a member of staff may ask you to move to another part of the station, or to leave the station. Staff should be happy to explain the reasons why. Please bear in mind that they have to prioritise the safety and security of all passengers, and are authorised to use their judgement.

Taking photographs or videos

You may take photographs or videos, as long as it is for your personal use. Commercial photography needs prior permission from Network Rail or the relevant train company.

Flash photography is not allowed. It could distract train drivers and platform staff, and is a potential safety hazard. You might be asked not to use a tripod at busy stations, as it could cause an obstruction. Also, you must keep tripod legs away from the platform edge and behind the yellow line.

You are not allowed to take photographs or videos of security related equipment such as CCTV cameras.

Rules and regulations

You must always follow the Railway Byelaws. These cover trains, tracks and stations across the country and apply to conduct and behaviour, equipment and safety, control of premises, and travel and fares. You can read and download the Railway Byelaws, and find more information about other railway conditions and codes, on our Your Rights and Obligations as a Passenger page.

Reporting issues

We kindly ask that you report any suspicious behaviour or activities to a member of station staff or, for more serious incidents, to the British Transport Police by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40. In an emergency, you should call 999.

The anticipation of a train coming by or finding the next spot to watch a loco coming along the tracks is a time of complete focus for me, disconnecting from the rush and busyness of life.
Francis Bourgeois, The Trainspotters’s Notebook

Travel Tips


  • Let us know you’re on the station

  • Follow any instructions from station staff

  • Take care!


  • Use flash photography

  • Block platforms or stairs

  • Wear high-vis work clothing