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Last updated:Today at 14:51
Train companies affected:East Midlands Railway, Grand Central, Hull Trains, LNER, Lumo
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Train companies affected:Elizabeth line, Great Western Railway, Heathrow Express
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Train companies affected:South Western Railway

Cleaner Air…

… One Train Journey at a Time

Did you know that…

Choosing the train instead of the car will cut your carbon footprint by up to two thirds

Based on emissions from a petrol or diesel car travelling between Glasgow and London vs a train.

Indicative greenhouse gas emissions (KGCO2e) for a single passenger travelling from Glasgow to London, 2022:

  • Petrol car average: 88 KgCO2e

  • Diesel car average: 85 KgCO2e

  • Train average: 28 KgCO2e

Source: Transport and environment statistics 2022 - GOV.UK (

Just one train can remove up to 500 cars off the road, improving air quality in our communities

Based on total train seats on a 9-carriage Class 500 divided by the average car/van.

Calculation: A single train can hold up to 611 seats (a 9-car Azuma train), this figure is divided by the average car/van occupancy rate for commuting in 2021: 1.1 (DfTs National Travel Survey) = 555 (over 500).

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