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Green Train Travel

Go green and take the train

Travelling by train is more than a journey

It’s one of the greenest forms of public transport, and the ready-made solution for a low carbon future where our roads are quieter and safer, and the air we breathe is cleaner. That’s why we want more people and freight to switch to rail.

Rail is an environmentally friendly way to travel and plays a critical role in helping to tackle climate change. Compared to cars and planes, train travel reduces carbon emissions by two thirds. With the UK Government’s legally binding commitment to reduce carbon emissions, we must all play our part to achieve those goals – and the rail industry is working hard to become even greener.

Our green initiatives

  • Paper tickets across the National Rail network are being produced in a new way, using a water-based rather than solvent-based system, which will reduce the environmental impact by 87%

  • Thanks to free water fountains at stations, we are saving the equivalent of 400,000 plastic bottles from landfill every month

  • More than 80,000 cycle spaces have been created at over 500 stations

  • You can charge your electric vehicle at one of 200 electric vehicle charging points that have been installed nationally

  • We have been reducing waste, installing solar panels and supporting local wildlife as part of the industry’s sustainable stations pledge

  • We also appointed 3 Chief Environment Officers to inspire more people to travel by train and promote sustainability