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Following the government's announcement on Saturday 31 October new temporary measures have been put in place for those who have purchased an Advance ticket. These measures mean that anyone who has bought an Advance rail ticket before Sunday 01 November, for travel between 01 November 2020 and 02 December 2020, can rearrange their date of travel without having to pay an administration cost. You can find more information on refunds below.

For tickets purchased on or after Monday 07 September 2020 

Refunding Anytime, Off-Peak (including Super Off-Peak) and Advance Tickets

  • If you have an Off-Peak or Anytime ticket and you apply for a refund on an unused ticket, an admin fee of no more than £10 may apply.
  • Customers can apply for refunds up to four weeks from the last day that the ticket was valid
  • Advance tickets are non-refundable (unless disruption to your booked journey means you do not travel) but you can change the date and time of your booking 
  • From Sunday 01 November, Advance tickets purchased before restrictions were announced (31 October 2020), can be changed to another date and time without an admin fee (you will only need to pay the difference in fare if there is one), or - where possible - can be surrendered for a voucher or credit note for the value of the ticket, to use towards travel at a later date. Contact the original retailer of your ticket for details.
Advance tickets are non-refundable, even in lockdown or quarantine scenarios, customers may wish to consider purchasing a more flexible ticket for travel

Refunding Season Tickets & Carnet

  • Unexpired Season Tickets can be submitted for refund at any time and train companies calculate how much is refunded by how much value is left on your ticket. They do this by deducting the value of any other tickets you could have travelled with in the same time until you stopped using and surrendered your Season Ticket. Refunds can only be backdated with evidence that illness prevented you from travelling. (National Rail Conditions of Travel, Condition 40.4). 
  • To see how much you could get back from your Season Ticket, try the Season Ticket Refund Calculator below. For more information, including if you require a refund due to sickness that prevented you from using a Season Ticket, see the Season Ticket Conditions page.
  • If you have Carnet tickets, retailers have increased flexibility where possible including by agreeing extensions or part-refunds on any unused Carnet tickets. Please contact your retailer for further details.
  • Customers can still claim refunds remotely online, minimising contact between customers and staff, keeping everyone safer. Please see your retailer's website for details.

Travelling on another train company's service

  • In areas where there is disruption train companies will agree acceptance, on a case by case basis, of tickets routed via another Operator. 

To help maintain social distancing, retailers have put systems in place so customers can claim refunds remotely, minimising contact between passengers and staff, keeping everyone safer.


For information on refunding Anytime, Off-Peak or Advance Tickets sold by ScotRail on or before Sunday 13 September 2020, click here

For information on refunding Anytime, Off-Peak or Advance Ticket by any other retailer, on or before Sunday 06 September 2020, click here  




You can use the Season Ticket Refund Calculator to get an estimate of how much you’ll receive for an Annual or custom length (longer than one month) National Rail Season Ticket or Travelcard.

The exact amount you receive may vary depending on the final validation of the refund application and may not be applicable to other types of Season Ticket such as car park or PlusBus.

Please note – that from Monday 07 September (Monday 14 September for ScotRail customers) 2020, retailers will not be able to process backdated refunds unless you can provide evidence that illness prevented you from travelling (Condition 40.4 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel) 

How the calculator works

Refunds for Annual and custom length National Rail Season Tickets or Travelcards are calculated as follows:

  • An equivalent weekly price of the ticket purchased is multiplied by the number of weeks the ticket has been used for.
  • The resultant value is deducted from the original purchase price of the season ticket, minus an administration fee of up to £10.

Please Note:
* This tool provides an approximate figure that a customer might expect when refunding a Season Ticket. The actual refund value may differ.
** Refunds to Season Tickets are subject to a £10 administration fee, excluding Season Tickets originally sold by ScotRail or Transport for Wales 



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