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You can now request assistance via Passenger Assistance by Transreport – a new smartphone app for customers.

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The app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded to your phone by visiting the App Store (Apple/iOS devices) or Google Play Store. Image of an iPhone showing the Passenger ssistance app

Passenger Assistance by Transreport allows you to:

  • request assistance for your rail journey
  • manage your customer profile
  • view your travel history
  • browse rail journeys via the online journey planner

The app is being delivered by Transreport in partnership with National Rail, and can be used to request assistance for future journeys across the National Rail network. 

It allows you to request assistance via your internet-enabled smartphone – without needing to contact a contact centre via phone or email. You will still need to buy a ticket separately for your journey.

The app will send your assistance request for each journey to the relevant train company who will first send an acknowledgement and then follow up with a confirmation once the request has been checked. Rail staff will then be on hand to deliver assistance, as required, throughout your journey.

If you have any questions about your assistance or need to make any changes after booking, please contact the train company via the contact details on your acknowledgement/confirmation email.

Wheelchair Users

If you want a wheelchair space reserved for your journey, staff will make a reservation for you if your profile says that you are a wheelchair user.  If you want to travel in First Class, please add this to your journey information.  You must buy the correct ticket for your journey if you wish to travel First Class.  

If you are not a wheelchair user and would like a seat reservation, please request this using the other information box in the app, along with your class of journey if appropriate.

Not all train companies offer seat/wheelchair space reservations.  If reservations are not available because the train journey you want does not offer seat reservations, staff will say that they are not available in the confirmation reply.

How to use the App

You can find out more about how to register for the app and request assistance by viewing ‘How To’ videos from app creators Transreport. 

Creating your Account  


Requesting to Book Assistance 


Creating Your Account - British Sign Language


Requesting to Book Assistance - British Sign Language


Creating your account

(Android devices)

Requesting to Book Assistance 

(Android devices)

Creating Your Account - British Sign Language

(Android devices)

Reqesting to Book Assistance - British Sign Language 

(Android Devices)

Below we have provided Frequently Asked Questions about the app. Click each question to expand the answer.

The App

What is Passenger Assistance by Transreport?


Passenger Assistance by Transreport is a tool to request an assistance booking via an internet-enabled smartphone. 

It is an additional option for requesting an assistance booking alongside the current phone, email and web form – offering more choice for passengers.

The app was created by Transreport and is being delivered in partnership with National Rail.

It can be used to request an assistance booking for future journeys - up to 2 hours before your scheduled train is set to depart, any time of the day - across the National Rail network.

What does Passenger Assistance by Transreport allow you to do?


The app is an additional option for requesting an assistance booking alongside the current phone, email and web form.

The app allows you to:

  • request an assistance booking for your rail journey in advance and up to 2 hours before you are scheduled to travel
  • manage your customer profile
  • view your travel history
  • browse rail journeys via the online journey planner

Your assistance booking request is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

You need to purchase a valid ticket for your journey separately – you can do this via

We are working with Passenger Assist users and industry experts to support evolving additional functionality on the app.

How do I get the app?


The app was released to the public in May 2021.

You can download the app by searching for "Passenger Assistance" on your app store (iOS/Android). Once found, click 'Install' and wait for the app to appear on your phone.

You can check here for more information in the meantime.

Can I see all my bookings on the app (even if they have been booked via call, email, or web form)?


Yes, you can do this by visiting the 'My Journeys' section of the app and using the "Current" and "History" filter buttons at the top of the screen.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use this app?


Yes, you need to use an internet-enabled smartphone.

I'm visually impaired - what features will allow me to use this app?


The app supports screen readers and text to speech tools. It is also compatible with your mobile device's assistive support tools e.g. font re-sizing, contrast adjustment and/or screen magnification.

Who do I contact if I have issues with the assistance I have received?


If your complaint is related to the delivery of assistance on your journey, you should contact the train company which will fully and fairly investigate your complaint.

You can find relevant contact details for all train companies at

If I discover a technical issue with the app, who can I report it to?


Please visit the Transreport Contact Us page

I'm visiting Great Britain; can I use the app?


Yes, the app is in English. You can use a hotel address for your profile if required.

I don't use the train regularly; can I still use the app?


Yes, the app is available for all customers who wish to request an assistance booking using their smartphone.

Do you have any plans to add additional functionality to the app in future?


Yes, we are working with passenger assistance users and industry experts to add further functionalities in the future.


Does Passenger Assistance by Transreport replace booking via call, email, or web form?


No, the app is an additional option for requesting assistance bookings alongside the current phone, email, and web form options. It does not replace other assistance booking request options. Additionally, you will be able to see all of your assistance bookings on the app – including those requested via other channels.

If you would like to contact a contact centre, you can find contact details at or via the website of the train operator that will be providing the first leg of your journey.

If I request assistance, is this guaranteed immediately?


You can request an assistance booking through the app, which is confirmed once you have received a confirmation email. Please note that before your assistance booking request is confirmed, you will receive an acknowledgement message which gives you the contact details for the service provider that will be handling and checking your booking request.

You can still turn up at a station for assistance without requesting a booking in advance, by using a service called 'Turn Up and Go'.

More information about this service is available at


Can I still turn up on the day without booking ahead?


Yes, we are committed to having a railway that is easy to use and accessible to all and this app does not impact customers’ ability to use the 'Turn Up and Go' option for passenger assistance.

If you require assistance at short notice, please make yourself known to a member of staff or use a Help Point when you arrive at the station.

You can learn more about 'Turn Up and Go' at

If I use the app to request assistance, how do I know it will be delivered?


Once you receive a confirmation message on your app and/or via email, your journey is confirmed.

Please note that before the confirmation email arrives, you will receive a message to acknowledge that your request for assistance has been received and is being checked.  This message will provide contact information for the train operator that will be handling your booking request in case you have any questions or would like to make any changes to your request after submitting it.

Do I need to book a ticket separately before I travel?


Yes, you can do this through

Why can't I buy my tickets through the mobile app?


The mobile app is created by Transreport, who are not a ticket retailer. We are currently developing options to bring together the ticket purchase and requesting an assistance booking via the mobile app.

Do I need to do anything once I have requested a booking?


Please read the assistance booking request acknowledgement sent after submission as this will provide important contact information for any changes or questions you may have. Confirmation will be sent to you via email and through the app once your journey has been checked.

Should I book assistance before or after booking my ticket?


Although passengers can choose how they would like to do this, we would recommend you buy your ticket first. It is the responsibility of train operators to get a passenger to their destination if a station or a wheelchair space is not accessible – and we want passengers to get the best value for money.

What happens if my assistance requirements change between booking my assistance and the time of departure?


It is always best to speak to the train operator directly to ensure that your changed journey requirements can be fulfilled completely. The confirmation you received when submitting the original assistance booking request includes details of which operators you should contact to do this.


Can I request a seat or wheelchair space through the app?


If you require a wheelchair space and they are available for reservation, the team processing your assistance booking request will make a reservation for you if your profile says that you are a wheelchair user.

If your profile does not show you are a wheelchair user, you can state that you will be using a wheelchair within your request using the “Other Info” text box when requesting your assistance booking. Train operators will endeavour to support your request wherever possible.

You can add other requests – such as your class of travel (standard or first class, if available) – to the “Other Info” text, but you must ensure you have the correct ticket for your journey.

What happens if a wheelchair space is not available?


The train operator arranging assistance for your journey will contact you to discuss your options. This may include re-booking you for a different train, upgrades to your journey or providing alternative transport.  If you want to be contacted in a specific way, you can add this to your assistance booking request under the “Other Info” box.

Why does my seat reservation say “N/A” or “Not Available” or is blank?


This means that a seat reservation might not have been available for your journey when you submitted your assistance booking request.  Please contact the train operator that is arranging your assistance by email, phone or text-relay and they will be able to advise further. Contact details for train operators are available within your booking acknowledgement and confirmation emails or at

What do I do if the contact centre for my train operator is closed?


You can request an assistance booking in advance - up to 2 hours before your journey is due to start, any time of the day.

You can still turn up at a station for assistance without requesting a booking in advance, by using the 'Turn Up and Go' system. More information about this service is available at

Can I request assistance in advance for journeys involving London Underground stations via this app?


No, but the app will clearly show London Underground stations and the relevant changes on your journey. It’s important you make yourself known to Transport for London (TfL) staff on arrival at the station if you require assistance at a London Underground station. You can find out more about assistance at London Underground stations on the TfL website. 

Passwords and Profiles

Do I need a password to use the app? How do I reset my password if I forget it?


Yes, you do need a password to use with your email address when you log in.

If you forget your password, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login screen. You will be sent an access code to your email address which will allow you to set a new password.

Once you have logged in, you can come in and out of the app without having to log in each time. You will only be required to log in to your app again if you explicitly 'Log out' of the app before.

When logged in, your password can be changed from the 'My Profile' section of the app.

What is my profile?


This is your own passenger account which is linked to the email address you have provided. This allows you to log in, see details of your journeys and update your assistance requirements. You can access your profile through the app at any time.

Why do I need to set up a new profile?


As we are now using a new system, this is to ensure we only have one profile per passenger. Avoiding duplication means passenger’s profiles will be kept up-to-date and will be easily accessible for customers to edit themselves via the app. Passengers will be able to view their travel history and amend their assistance requirements via the app, without needing to get in contact with a contact centre.

Why can I not keep my previous profile?


Previously, we had a number of duplicate profiles for individuals. We are now using a new system to ensure we have one profile per customer to ensure these are kept up-to-date and are easily accessible for passengers to edit themselves via the app.


Can my profile be linked to multiple email accounts?


No, your profile must be linked to only one email address.

Why does the app say I already have an account linked to my email address when I haven't used it yet?


If you have already booked one or more journeys through the new Passenger Assist contact centre system - which went live at the end of September 2020 - then your personal information is already recorded as a profile. The details shown to you on the app are part of that profile and you can amend them at any time with changes immediately reflected in the system for all train operators to see.

What information will the train operating company be able to see when I submit a request?


The information in your profile is visible to rail operator staff who have access to the core booking system and in the staff mobile app (if the train operator is using this method), which is used to deliver assistance at a number of stations across Britain.

Your personal information is stored, accessed, and maintained fully in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 


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