You can use the Season Ticket Refund Calculator to get an estimate of how much you’ll receive for an Annual or custom length (longer than one month) National Rail Season Ticket or Travelcard.

How the calculator works

Refunds for Annual and custom length National Rail Season Tickets or Travelcards are calculated as follows:

  • An equivalent weekly price of the ticket purchased is multiplied by the number of weeks the ticket has been used for.
  • The resultant value is deducted from the original purchase price of your Season Ticket, minus an administration fee of no more than £10.

The exact amount you receive may vary depending on the final validation of the refund application and may not be applicable to other types of Season Ticket such as car park or PlusBus. Speak to the original retailer of your Season Ticket for details.

Please Note:
This tool provides an approximate figure that a customer might expect when refunding a Season Ticket. The actual refund value may differ.

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Last updated:   10 December 2021