National Rail Timetable


The National Rail Timetable is published by Network Rail twice a year and contains information on all National Rail services.

Where to get the National Rail timetable
The National Rail Timetable is available online and free of charge, and in easy to download sections on Network Rail's website. A printed version of the timetable is no longer produced, as of Winter 2019 (December 2019 - May 2020).

Pocket Timetable Tool

Our Pocket Timetable tool gives you the flexibility to create a timetable that is tailored to your own individual journey. It gives you a customised timetable based around your origin and destination, your own time requirements and the days of the week that you travel.

You can then download your Pocket Timetable as a PDF document for printing or storing on your computer or smartphone.


Get your Pocket Timetable


Train Company timetables

Each train company produces timetables for their services, which are available at their stations. You will find copies of these timetables on our Print-at-Home Timetables page.

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Last updated:   22 July 2021