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Train companies affected:CrossCountry, Great Western Railway

Nothing Beats Being There

Rail connects us with the people, places and things we love

Nothing Beats Being There

Nothing Beats Being There is a big, bold celebration of doing. A reminder of the immense value to be found in real life experiences. Whether it’s talking face-to-face, working side-by-side or dancing cheek-to-cheek, nothing beats seeing and experiencing the people, places and things you love in person.

Trains are with us through all the different phases of our lives. From school trips to family holidays to those early teen adventures and beyond. Trains are always there to connect us to the important moments.

For those of us that use rail to catch up on the way to work, to get some much-needed me time, or make special plans for a family reunion. Wherever we’re going and whatever we’re doing, rail gets us there safely, quickly and comfortably. Nothing beats being there.

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Travel improves the mind wonderfully and does away with all one’s prejudices
Oscar Wilde