Passenger Assist

These pages give information on how to buy your ticket, plan your journey and travel by rail if you require assistance with your journey.

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We are committed to ensuring customers can travel by train safely, in comfort and with dignity.

Plan Assistance for Your Journey

  • What is Passenger Assist?
  • How to Request Assistance via Passenger Assist
  • Planning Assistance in Advance
  • Last Minute Assistance Requests (Turn Up and Go)
  • Do I Still Need a Ticket to Travel?  Image of a railway work holding a ramp waiting for a train to arrive
  • Train Company Contact Details

Passenger Assistance by Transreport App

  • What is the Passenger Assistance app?

Buy Your Ticket

  • How to Buy a Ticket to Travel
  • Disabled Persons Railcard Discounts


  • Accessible Stations
  • Train Facilities
  • Cancelled or Delayed Trains
  • Issues with Your Journey
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Sunflower Lanyards
  • Further Information
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Last updated:   06 July 2021