We Mean Green

Why We Mean Green

Travelling by train is more than a journey. It’s the greenest form of public transport, and the ready-made solution for a low carbon future where our roads are quieter and safer, and the air we breathe is cleaner.  


As Britain emerges from the​​​​​​​ pandemic, we have a chance to pursue a cleaner, greener recovery. With the UK Government’s legally binding commitment to reduce carbon emissions, we must all play our part to achieve those goals – and so the rail industry is working hard to become even greener. 

Put simply, taking the train already helps tackle climate change – it cuts carbon emissions by two thirds compared to traveling by car - and it can do more in future. That’s why we want more people and freight to switch to rail. 

So, if you’re planning a trip, go green and take the train.

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Last updated:   28 January 2022